Interactive Documentary Conference

International conference about the future of documentary storytelling and the digital age. With Hugues Sweeney (NFB Interactive), Jane Burton (Tate Modern), Alexandre Brachet (Upian), Andrew de Vigal (New York Times/2ndStory),, Kickstarter, M.I.T. and many others.

How is the digital age influencing the art of documentary storytelling? How do new forms relate to the traditional documentary industry? What can we learn from the world's most successful digital pioneers and documentary media artists? Marking IDFA’s 25th anniversary and the 5th edition of its new media program DocLab, IDFA presents a one-day conference on Interactive Documentary Storytelling. With a.o. Jane Burton (Tate Modern), Andrew de Vigal (New York Times, Second Story), Hugues Sweeney (National Film Board of Canada), Alexandre Brachet (Upian), Daniel Burwen (Cognito Films), Bjarke Myrthu (Storyplanet), Joel Ronez (Radio France), William Uricchio (M.I.T.), Elisabeth Holm (Kickstarter) and Annika Gustafson (BoostHbg).

See the complete program here.

In collaboration with EDN and Brakke Grond. With the support of Mondriaan Fund and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.
Lunch is sponsored by ARTE and National Film Board of Canada (NFB).
The Networking Drinks are hosted by the MEDIA Desk Netherlands, the MEDIA Desk Belgium-Flemish Community and the Dutch Photographers Federation

Sunday 18 November | 10 am – 6 pm | De Brakke Grond, Expo Zaal | € 25 / € 20 / €5
Location: Brakke Grond, Nes 43, 1012 KD, Amsterdam
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