IDFA Special: Putin’s Witnesses ​

    IDFA organizes a special preview of Putin's Witnesses in Pathé Tuschinski on Thursday 20 September. A fascinating account of the very first year of Putin's presidency by director Vitaly Mansky. This film will also be screened during IDFA 2018.

    In a surprise move on December 31st 1999, the first president of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin handed over power to his chosen successor Vladimir Putin. Drawing on his own archive, lauded filmmaker Vitaly Mansky gives a fascinating and close account of a turning point in Russia's recent history. Putin's Witnesses covers the first governing year of this politician, who would lead the country back to Soviet-style nationalism and who has employed tyrannical methods to remain in power ever since. That knowledge casts an eerie shadow over the filmed material.

    Looking back, Mansky also questions his own role in presenting an image of this president and his bid for power. In the face of such events, is it possible to simply be a witness? At which point does silence turn into complicity?

    Putin's Witnesses is introduced by writer, Russia correspondent and VPRO Zomergast 2018, Pieter Waterdrinker.

    Visitor's information:

    Date: Thursday 20 September 2018
    Location: Tuschinski 1
    Doors open: 18.45
    Start: 19.00

    The special is sold out.  

    (...) not just a major, access-rich overview of recent history, but a compelling work of personal self-reckoning, one that should resonate with a broad swath of audiences at a time of international political questioning and activism.


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