Shamira Raphaëla wins the 2018 Karen de Bok Talent Award

    Filmmaker Shamira Raphaëla has won the 2018 Karen de Bok Talent Award with her film plan Downfall of a Superwoman. The prize was awarded for the second year to the winner of the IDFAcademy & NPO Fund workshop. A five-member jury assessed the film projects of the six documentary talents who participated in the workshop.

    Jury chairman Emile Fallaux awarded the prize. The jury was pleasantly surprised by the diversity and quality of the project plans, which varied in cultural orientation, design, theme, and form. All plans were impressive, leading the jury to conclude that regardless of the winner, “all films should be made.”

    In the winning film plan, Raphaëla links a sense of personal urgency to the search for a bold form in representing the development of the main characters. The filmmaker is able to position a trying personal story within a universal, and perhaps controversial, context. In any case, the film is certain to stimulate reflection and discussion. The jury is “very curious about the further development of the film plan,” and looks forward to the results.

    The Karen de Bok Talent Award goes to the winner of the IDFAcademy & NPO Fund workshop. During this workshop six documentary talents, this year guided by Marjoleine Boonstra and Tom Fassaert, develop their documentary idea into a film plan. Ultimately, they search for new narrative forms and seek out the boundaries of the genre. During the four-month program, the participants will work with a producer and also realize a teaser. The financial contribution is made available by the NPO Fund for the further development of the documentary plan in collaboration with a broadcaster. An application can then be submitted to the NPO Fund for a production contribution for the project.

    Last year the prize was received by Marina Meijer with her film plan C'est les autres. The film is now in production after being awarded a production contribution by the NPO fund. Marina's latest film O amor é único has also been selected this year for the IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary.

    The award is named after Karen de Bok. For years de Bok was Programmer and Editor in Chief of Television at VPRO. She died in January 2017. General secretary of the NPO fund Hanneke Bouwsema noted that “as Editor in Chief, Karen de Bok had a special eye for talent and innovative filmmakers; filmmakers felt challenged and stimulated by her. We are pleased that with this award her name is permanently linked to the development and nurturing of talent.”

    Photo by Joke Schut.


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