Get in the head of a comissioning editor with the IDFAcademy: Pitch & Trailer Workshop

    How do you turn basic information into a good story? How do you decide what's most crucial about your film, and develop it into a successful pitch?

    In our IDFAcademy: Pitch & Trailer Workshop, Mikael Opstrup (European Documentary Network) and Jesper Osmund (film editor) break down the dos and don'ts of documentary pitching. Check out the complete workshop below to gain some hard-won industry insight, get into the heads of commissioning editors, and make the most of your next pitch.

    Presented at IDFAcademy during IDFA 2018. Note: in order to preserve the intimacy of the session, the pitches of the IDFAcademy participants were not included in this recording.

    Photo by Korinne de Corver.