Orwa Nyrabia to moderate IFFR debate on solidarity with filmmakers at risk

    On January 26th in Rotterdam, we continue the work we began at our recent Industry Talk: Solidarity with Filmmakers at Risk. We invite all film professionals attending IFFR to join us for the event Call to Action: Solidarity for Filmmakers at Risk, moderated by IDFA's artistic director Orwa Nyrabia.

    As the world faces a growing crackdown on freedom of expression, more and more filmmakers struggle to make their voices heard. Over the last several years, threats, violence, imprisonment, and even murder has escalated in the global filmmaking community, in an attempt to silence filmmakers.

    To seek solidarity with these filmmakers at risk, IDFA hosted the Industry Talk: Solidarity with Filmmakers at Risk last November. By inviting filmmakers to share their experiences, the event sought to examine how to reach a coordinated strategy of action that effectively serves filmmakers at risk.

    Now, we continue the conversation at IFFR. From solidarity flows support. From discussion flows a call to action. On January 26th from 16:00 to 18:00, IDFA’s artistic director Orwa Nyrabia will moderate the IFFR Pro Debate Call to Action: Solidarity for Filmmakers at Risk, with an introduction by Agnieszka Holland.

    The Debate will be preceded by an invitation-only think tank with participants: Marion Döring (European Film Academy), Srirak Plipat (Freemuse), Steven Markovitz (producer, Big World Cinema), Marianne Wulfsberg Hovdan (International Cities of Refuge Network - ICORN), Bianca Taal (IFFR), Kaveh Farnam (producer, Advanced Media), Antoine Thirion (Locarno Festival) and Vonne van der Meer (PEN Netherlands). They will be joined in the IFFR Pro Debate by Miko Revereza (filmmaker) and Marriët Schuurman (Dutch Human Rights Ambassador).

    Listen to the podcast recording of our Industry Talk: Solidarity with Filmmakers at Risk below.


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