IDFA’s markets open for submissions

    Today, we are thrilled to open IDFA Forum and Docs for Sale for submissions.

    This year we are putting extra attention on driving, connecting and supporting the international documentary film industry through every means available.

    Current distancing and crowd limitations mean that IDFA Forum and Docs for Sale will take place online, ensuring that accredited guests all over the world can participate. Nevertheless, guests who can travel in November will be welcome to watch films in cinemas and participate in industry activities (apart from the markets) in Amsterdam.

    Regardless of the format, those who attend our markets will benefit from the same vetted arrangements as in every year, plus several new opportunities. Simply put, we are doing more.

    What to expect from IDFA Forum 2020

    For the Forum, that means—as always—a commitment to careful matchmaking between producers, directors, new media artists, and decision makers. As in previous editions, selected teams will pitch their projects to a hand-picked group of potential co-financing and co-production partners, with the pitch setup tailored to individual needs. Our existing presentation categories will remain intact for both the IDFA Forum and the IDFA DocLab Forum, albeit in an online format. Curated one-on-one meetings with interested parties will still follow the pitches. With this year’s online setup, we will strive to create a global event that is accessible to all participating filmmakers, new media artists, and industry leaders.

    This year, in addition to selecting a new line-up of outstanding projects, the Forum will present a range of extra projects to further support filmmaker teams looking for partners. This initiative is one of several ways we are exploring to provide extra support for Forum participants, including filmmaking teams, decision makers, and observers. We look forward to sharing the details with you in the coming weeks.

    As always, filmmakers and new media artists from the DAC list are eligible for a fee waiver.

    What to expect from Docs for Sale 2020

    Docs for Sale will remain a must-attend event for buyers, distributors, and festival programmers looking for the best creative documentaries for their TV/cinema slot or festival program. The Docs for Sale catalogue will continue to offer a formidable selection of creative documentary films, and the market will, as usual, provide a meeting place where producers and sales agents can meet potential buyers and make deals. One-on-one meetings, pre-arranged by the team, will remain a key aspect of the Docs for Sale experience.

    In addition to the above, our sales market is expanding its services throughout 2020 with the goal of providing extra support to filmmakers and sales agents. The first step in this expansion is already visible today: eight films that previously pitched at IDFA Forum are now available in the Docs for Sale online catalogue. More is on the way.

    We are happy to offer a reduced submission fee for Docs for Sale this year. For the first time, films selected for IDFA 2020 are free of charge, in addition to the regular fee waiver for films that have been supported through the IDFA Bertha Fund, IDFA Forum, or IDFAcademy.

    Submit your project to IDFA Forum or IDFA DocLab Forum

    For our co-financing and co-production market IDFA Forum, producers with creative documentary projects (one-offs and series) looking for co-producers, funds, television and platform commissions, distribution, or a combination of these, are encouraged to submit. We are also looking for immersive/interactive new media projects in all stages of production for the IDFA DocLab Forum.

    You can read more about IDFA Forum 2020, including regulations and practical submission info, here. The entry forms for the Forum and the DocLab Forum are now available through MyIDFA in the section My Entries.

    The deadline for Forum submissions is August 1.

    Submit your film to Docs for Sale

    For our sales market Docs for Sale, we are looking for international, creative documentaries that target cinema, television, and online audiences.

    Get familiarized with everything Docs to Sale has to offer (both online and offline), read the regulations, and learn how to submit here. The Docs for Sale entry form is now available through MyIDFA in the section My Entries.

    The deadline for Docs for Sale film submissions is September 15.


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    Docs for Sale

    • Docs for Sale facilitates the sales and distribution of high-end documentary films, providing one-on-one meetings, bespoke services, and strategic know-how for IDFA-selected films as well as other outstanding titles on today's market. Over the years, it has grown into one of the world’s premier markets and distribution incubators for documentary cinema, welcoming artistic documentary films from all over the world.

    IDFA Forum

    • IDFA Forum is one of the most influential meeting places for filmmakers, creators, and producers working on ground-breaking creative documentaries and new media projects.

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