IDFA festival campaign 2020

    • News
    • November 2, 2020
    • By the staff

    In November, IDFA's festival campaign commercial could be seen in theaters. It's safe to say that most of us experience a wide range of emotions while watching IDFA films. The campaign, developed with creative agency We Are Pi, took the purest expression of emotion as its starting point: our teardrops.

    Photographer Maurice Mikkers discovered in 2014 that every tear is unique. Examining tears under the microscope thus reveals a kaleidoscope of feelings: a unique close-up of the diverse emotions we experience when watching different documentary films. In this way, the images of the IDFA 2020 festival campaign were, quite literally, taken from the real effects that film have on us.

    With special thanks to:

    Maurice Mikkers | Photographer

    De Grot | Grading Studio

    Antfood | Creative Audio Studio

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