Documentary project Zero Hour wins IDFA Spotlight Award at DocedgeKolkata

    Indian filmmaking team Nachiket Guttikar, Deeksha Ketkar, and Arya Rothe have taken home the IDFA Spotlight Award at DocedgeKolkata for their project Zero Hour. The award, which recognizes emerging documentary talent internationally, has secured the filmmakers with travel, accommodation, and accreditation for IDFA 2021 in addition to tailored consultancy within the IDFA Industry network.

    Pitched at the 18th edition of Docedge, Zero Hour follows the mayor of a Kashmir village whose life turns upside down when his son is arrested on terrorism charges. As the local politician and his wife deal with the aftermath, they must fight for their son without losing hope, battle doubts about their parenting choices, and fulfil their civic duties all at the same time. The project is currently in early development, and in the process of fundraising to continue filming.

    “As teenagers, we both have done things to rebel against our parents that, in retrospect, were mistakes, so we can easily relate to a teenager taking a wrong path. But our parents managed to deal with our bad choices so that they did not have any lasting repercussions for us and for them. Unfortunately, it is not the same for teenagers and their parents in a conflict-ridden area. We felt compelled to bring forward this human facet of a family getting pulled apart between the two sides of an armed conflict,” said co-directors Nachiket Guttikar and Deeksha Ketkar.

    Explore the project stills below, and read more about DocEdge here.


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