IDFA Spotlight Award at DocMontevideo goes to Matryoshka by Maricarmen Merino Mora

    The latest edition of DocMontevideo's Co-production Market and Pitching saw the Costarican-Mexican co-production pick up the IDFA Spotlight Award, which will provide the project and its director with a tailor-made program of mentorship and consultations at IDFA 2021.

    In Matryoshka, Maricarmen Merino Mora paints an intimate portrait of her mother, Patricia Mora, the most relevant feminist left-wing politician in Costa Rica. The film accompanies the profound transformations she experiences in order to continue building her life. It explores the universe of mourning, questions, and contradictions that she confronts as a politician and a woman.

    IDFA Senior Programmer Raúl Niño Zambrano and Associate Programmer María Campaña Ramia, who granted the award, believe that Matryoshka is a solid and complex project that constitutes an intimate perspective of a daughter, as well as a young woman's view of the destiny of her country.

    "The filmmaker’s sensitivity gives an astounding quality to the project: she takes risks when fusing materials, interlacing textures, and immersing herself in spaces and temporalities of varied tonalities. Domestic landscapes, public areas, interior realms, and abodes of memory; past, present, and future together coexist and nurture each other with ease and tenderness. Filmed over the years, with a heartening spirit yet critical (and self-critical) stance, Matryoshka promises to become a powerful intergenerational film," Zambrano and Ramia say in their statement.

    Director Maricarmen Merino Mora

    The project is co-produced by Mexican producers Karla Bukantz and Paulina Villegas and by the director herself, who thanked IDFA for the award and said: "We feel honored to receive the IDFA Spotlight Award, it is a motivation to keep moving forward with our project, knowing we are on the right path to creating a documentary that not only inspires but also generates reflection about the challenges women face. We look forward to sharing our documentary and our process at IDFA where we know it would grow and be enriched enormously through the mentorship and meetings offered."

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