Why IDFA offers both in-person and online guest passes this year

    • Industry
    • September 28, 2021
    • By Adriek van Nieuwenhuijzen

    Thanks to the Netherlands’ loosening of COVID-19 measures, which includes a broader entry policy for vaccinated international travelers, IDFA can fortunately take place in cinemas and other familiar festival locations this year.

    IDFA is, above all, a meeting place where film lovers, filmmakers, and film professionals collectively experience and celebrate documentary film, engage in conversation and inspire each other; and network and do business. With the festival’s planned health and safety measures, IDFA aims to ensure that both audiences and international guests can experience the festival live, the way it was meant to be, but still in a safe environment. More information about IDFA’s COVID-19 measures can be found at idfa.nl/covid-19.

    Of course, just like last year, IDFA wants to account for the international visitors who cannot travel to Amsterdam because the pandemic makes it impossible or very difficult to do so. For this reason, IDFA has introduced some online passes alongside the regular festival passes. These online passes allow part of the festival to be followed remotely, including Industry Talks, online consultations, and a selection of festival films.

    The introduction of online passes this year is not just a practical and incidental response to this year’s pandemic-related circumstances. With this setup, IDFA also wants to investigate whether and how we can structurally meet the growing need to participate in the festival from a distance. It’s an investigation into a more inclusive and sustainable IDFA in the longer term, in which filmmakers who cannot afford to travel to Amsterdam, for instance, can still be part of the IDFA family. The same goes for professionals who prefer to be online guests for environmental reasons. In this light, the team will explore the possibilities for further developing an alternative online pass structure in the coming years with the online Press & Industry Library, the Talks Library, online consultations, and social events for filmmakers and professionals, to give a few examples. We look forward to keeping you informed!

    —Adriek van Nieuwenhuijzen, Head of IDFA Industry


    Attending IDFA 2021

    • IDFA happily invites all guests to experience the festival in Amsterdam this year, and we eagerly look forward to welcoming you in person. Nevertheless, for guests who are unable to travel due to pandemic-related circumstances, we have prepared a focused online offering. Below, you can find an overview of what's available to accredited guests at IDFA 2021, as well as all practical information about attending the festival in different capacities.

    COVID-19 info

    • IDFA puts health and safety first. In order to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and hold a physical edition of the festival, we will stringently adjust to the present situation in a way that enables audiences and professionals to safely experience IDFA 2021. As the festival approaches, check this page for details of all the measures and protocols we will take to ensure the wellbeing of our visitors, guests, and staff.

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