The Docs for Sale 2021 Catalogue is now live

    Among more than 420 fresh titles, there is a strong contingent of IDFA-selected films, an exciting selection of high-profile films without sales agents, and a vibrant line-up of short documentaries.

    As the new edition of IDFA approaches, the Docs for Sale 2021 Catalogue is now open to buyers to browse from a wildly varied, thought-provoking and artistically exquisite line-up of more than 420 documentaries from around the world. Accredited buyers can see them in viewing booths at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam during the festival, or online with subscription year-round, and Docs for Sale will facilitate contact with producers and filmmakers through pre-booked meetings, or directly by providing contact details.

    IDFA-selected films looking for representation

    We start this glimpse into the Catalogue with a mouth-watering selection of films that is sure to pique interest from buyers: 177 entries are without sales agents on board. Most of these titles are very fresh, some of the producers behind them are actively looking for sales agents, but regardless of their status, Docs for Sale is there to assist all the titles in the Catalogue in finding sales.

    The line-up includes a strong showing of films world-premiering in various IDFA sections. The line-up of the International Competition features Giovanni Buccomino's intimate angle on Libya uprising After a Revolution, Ivan Mora Manzano's tender exploration of lives of Ecuador's transwomen in The Beach of Enchaquirados, Kamar Ahmad Simon's fascinating river boat-set microcosm of Bangladeshi society in Day after..., Eduardo Crespo's The Delights, a coming-of-age documentary set in an Argentinian boarding school, and Aliona van der Horst's innovative use of archive footage in the impressive story of a Second World War Soviet soldier, Turn Your Body to the Sun.

    In the newly established Envision Competition, chuck-full of original films that defy expectations and create new cinematic languages, we have titles such as Tea Tupajić's direct and painful inquiry of Dutch soldiers who served at Srebrenica, Darkness There and Nothing More; the extraordinarily creative POV portrait of a woman suffering from ALS, Eat Your Catfish by Noah Arjomand, Adam Isenberg, and Senem Tüzen; Sanshou Hu's The Burrows in which the personal and the political intertwine in a Covid-time story of a little-known Chinese tradition; Nidal al Dibs's melancholy ode to cinema in times of war, Homemade Stories (pictured on top); and locks & keys, water, trees in which artist Penny Andrea solely through her sketches tries to learn how a brain tumor shaped her life and art.

    The Scent of Fear

    Catalogue highlights: Shorts and features looking for sales partnerships

    There are numerous interesting, high-quality titles in the Docs for Sale Catalogue that are not screening at IDFA and we urge you to explore these gems that can enrich any festival offering or distribution line-up.

    Among them are Swiss director Mirjam von Arx’s The Scent of Fear which analyzes the effects fear has on individuals and societies across the globe; Zona Norte in which Mexican filmmaker Javier Ávila paints an intimate portrait of a community that lives in one of Tijuana’s most violent neighborhoods; and Orpheus, a docu-fiction hybrid in which the young and extraordinarily prolific Russian filmmaker Vadim Kostrov returns to his hometown for a series of farewells, starting with his first love.

    In addition to these feature-length films, the Docs for Sale Catalogue includes 52 fresh, vibrant and original shorts, many of which look at familiar places and situations, or extraordinary individuals, in the light of the Covid pandemic. Jacopo Marzi’s Two Headed Mountain explores how it affects two tourist destinations on the Swiss and Italian sides of the Matterhorn; Gembong Nusantara’s fascinating Agave Amica shows us immense, instantaneous funerals in Indonesia; Colombian filmmaker Carolina Mejía Salazar’s intimate Lumbre presents her relationship of loss and reconciliation with her grandfather; and in Marlen, a Portrait of Hairy Tits, Chilean director Javier de Miguel follows the titular young adult who takes a personal journey into the past, analyzing memories of how the world reacts to her corporeality.

    Spotlight: IDFA-selected films picked up by sales agents

    Our sales agents also bring an appetizing serving of titles showing in various IDFA programs.

    Jan Rofenkamp represents the opening film Four Journeys by Louis Hothothot, Square Eyes offers Saeed Taji Farouki's poetic but powerful International Competition portrait of a Burmese couple drilling for oil by hand, A Thousand Fires, and Tomasz Wolski's Visions du Réel prizewinner 1970; two more films awarded at the Swiss event are coming from Lightdox, Stefan Pavlovic's Looking for Horses and Abdallah Al Khatib's Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege; while another of these - Les Enfants terribles by Ahmat Cupur, plus the Berlinale hit Anamnesis by Chris Wright and Stefan Kolbe, are on offer from Deckert Distribution.

    In Best of Fests, Autlook has the Sundance hit All Light, Everywhere and Helena Bonham Carter-narrated Holocaust essay Three Minutes - A Lengthening by Bianca Stigter from Venice Days, Dogwoof comes with Shannon Walsh's eye-opening film on internet economy The Gig Is Up from Hot Docs, Final Cut for Real brings Rami Farah's Our Memory Belongs to Us from CPH:DOX, KFF Sales & Promotion offers Pawel Lozinski's heartfelt and funny The Balcony Movie from Locarno, Rise and Shine comes with Tuija Halttunen's CPH:DOX entry How to Kill a Cloud, and Filmotor has Samaher Alqadi's explosive and emotional Berlinale hit As I Want, in addition to the IDFA Envision Competition title Eskape by Adeline Neary Hay, an elegantly filmed journey with her mother from France back to Cambodia forty years after they ran from the Khmer Rouge.

    There is much more to discover in the 2021 Docs for Sale catalogue, and we are looking forward to seeing the professionals who will come to Amsterdam at our daily Happy Hours at Arti et Amicitiae. And you can still subscribe to Docs for Sale if you are a buyer, a festival or a sales representative.


    Docs for Sale

    • Docs for Sale facilitates the sales and distribution of high-end documentary films, providing one-on-one meetings, bespoke services, and strategic know-how for IDFA-selected films as well as other outstanding titles on today's market. Over the years, it has grown into one of the world’s premier markets and distribution incubators for documentary cinema, welcoming artistic documentary films from all over the world.

    Who can attend Docs for Sale?

    • As a central component of IDFA, the Docs for Sale market is an unmissable event for buyers, distributors, and festival programmers looking for the best creative documentaries for their festival program or TV, cinema, or platform slot. The market is also the flagship meeting place for sales agents looking to showcase their roster and scout new films, and for filmmakers looking to maximize their launch with sales and distribution opportunities. Below, you can read more about Docs for Sale’s specialized offerings for different groups of documentary professionals.

    Sales Agents

    • Here you can find an overview of sales agents participating in Docs for Sale 2022. Click on the company names to see the films they represent.

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