Proudly presenting IDFA 2021: A Year in Review

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    • March 31, 2022
    • By the staff

    Unveiling a new program structure, returning to the cinemas, and embarking on plenty of collaborations, both established and new—these are some of the highlights of IDFA 2021: A Year in Review, our new publication that reports and reflects on the past year. Presented as an interactive online magazine, the publication is considered essential reading for all IDFA fans, supporters, collaborators, and onlookers.

    Inside, you’ll find words from acclaimed filmmakers such as Salomé Jashi (Taming the Garden), Rintu Ghosh and Sushmit Thomas (Writing with Fire), Lindiwe Matshikiza (One Take Grace), Sara de Monchy (Sara’s Mysteries), and many others. Leading artists from the immersive and interactive field weigh in too, such as Tamara Shogaolu, Michaela French, and Rahima Gambo. For the first time, we deep dive into IDFA Meets—our fast-expanding program for young audiences in Amsterdam—and our increasing efforts to improve the festival’s accessibility and sustainability. You'll also hear perspectives from educators, partners, donors, staff members, and other special guests, as the publication pulls back the curtain on all things IDFA, from back office to center stage.

    In IDFA 2021: A Year in Review, we also crunch the numbers, giving a no-nonsense account of the facts and figures that shaped the past year. That includes visiting numbers for all kinds of audience members, guests, professionals, and students. We examine the breakdown of women, men, and non-binary directors in our selection, and which regions of the world our films came from. We look at how many filmmakers we supported, and in what way. We also present the reach of our website, newsletters, and social media, and our promising Net Promoter Score, among other stats.

    Together, the publication paints a picture of a successful year by all measures, but also a deeper look at the way that success—much like art itself—often falls beyond the limits of measurement. Thanks to readers like you, we are delighted to look back at a year that, with its many challenges and opportunities, came to be more than the sum of its parts.

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