Kill Your Darlings: Holy Cow

With a heavy heart, filmmakers delete scenes they love - because they don't fit the story or don't really add anything for instance. Here, the respective directors explain why they had to kill one of their darlings. This time, Imam Hasanov of Holy Cow:

"The clips were in the first rough cut, but during the fine cut we decided to take them out for dramaturgy reasons and because we couldn't find a fit for them in the rhythm of the film. Although the cat scene was a scene that the producer really insisted on having in the film, me and the editor decided not to and now we admit the fact that it should have been there..."

"The second scene could not have been used because of technical reasons like bad lightning, but also a new character appeared and it was hard to integrate her in the story. The first scene I enjoy a lot, but the editor did not agree, as he says it contains information that repeats itself."

Holy Cow

  • Imam Hasanov
  • 2016
  • 74 min

    Tapdyg’s revolutionary idea to buy a European dairy cow sparks unrest in his tiny, remote village.

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