Kill Your Darlings: Strung Out

With a heavy heart, filmmakers delete scenes they love - because they don't fit the story or don't really add anything for instance. Here, the respective directors explain why they had to kill one of their darlings. This time, Nirit Aharoni of Strung Out.

"I left the first scene out of the film because I didn't want to mislead the viewer with images of prostitutes praying to Jesus with their Christian carers from America. I want the audience to take my work seriously. For me it was clear what the carers are doing, but I don't want people to stereotype this scene with the sort of men who come here to preach. Because there is much more to these people and I didn't want too much religion in the film anyhow, but instead a hardcore realistic approach. By cutting out this scene, I have the feeling that the viewer will better understand the world of the prostitutes.

For the second scene, I have a simpler explanation: the carer, Jeff, speaks English to the camera whenever he talks about the women in the shelter. I've deleted this scene, just like several other scenes in English, because I wanted to have a lot of Hebrew dialogue."

Strung Out

  • Nirit Aharoni
  • 2015
  • 110 min

In this raw film debut, director Nirit Aharoni films heroin addict prostitutes in Tel Aviv to find out who her mother was.