Kill Your Darlings: Silence Is a Falling Body

  • Media
  • November 25, 2017
  • By the staff

With a heavy heart, filmmakers delete scenes they love - because they don't fit the story or don't really add anything for instance. Watch a deleted scene from Silence Is a Falling Body.

Director Agustina Comedi: 

"This found footage is really interesting and rare, unique and important. It shows how homosexuality was deeply condemned by the military regime, and how there were many homosexual activists. Both this and other scenes that showed a little group of homosexuals and lesbians in a strike, were the only historical footage that I used. The rest was all family footage. During the screening of the rough cut, I realised that my personal story didn't need the historical images. In a way I felt comfortable with them there because they 'justified' what I was talking about and that If I was avoiding 'personal' stuff I should have done a different movie. So... I killed my darling."

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