Aleppo’s Fall Streams in Syria

    In cooperation with IDFA, the makers of Aleppo’s Fall (screening in Panorama) have been streaming the film in Syria during the festival. The stream has now been seen more than 11,000 times, with viewings being organised locally – for example in the city of Al-Bab. The film’s director, Nizam Najar, says: “My producer Henrik Underbjerg came up with the idea of showing the film in Syria as soon as we had had the world premiere at IDFA, and the festival completely supported us in that. We created a special Facebook page to distribute the film in Syria and Turkey, as many people who had to leave Aleppo went there. It’s incredible to be able to share this film with the people in the place where I was born, Aleppo. This streaming gives us the opportunity of directly involving those people whose lives are affected by the current situation in Syria. These are their stories, their homes and their lives I am showing and I didn't want the dialogue to just be about them, but with them. Our cinematographer and my assistant in Syria, Bader Taleb, organised a screening in the region of Idlib, and the film has been watched over 11,000 times online already. I even got a message from a woman whose husband briefly appears in the film and eventually lost his life in the battle. She told me it was extremely difficult to watch, but she was glad she saw it. She asked me if I had any further footage of the husband, as those are the final images of his life. That made me very emotional.”

    Photo: Bader Taleb


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    • November 30, 2017
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