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    A Parked Life

    • Peter Triest
    • Belgium
    • 2022
    • 75 min

      A Parked Life is an intimate portrait of one of the estimated one million Eastern European truck drivers on Europe's roads.

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      The Abattoir

      • Fernando Fraguela Fosado
      • Cuba
      • 2022
      • 54 min

        Dusniel and Fernando have lived in the community projects for his enterally live. Now they try to escape from the hood and the country. Dusniel trades said pigs, Fernando is doing this movie.

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        Achewiq, the Song of the Brave Women

        • Elina Kastler
        • France
        • 2022
        • 16 min
        • IDFA Competition for Short Documentary

          The traditional improvisational song of the Northern Algerian Berbers is called achewiq. It is a vehicle for women to express their feelings and deal with disaster—such as the recent forest fires, which were unprecedented in their intensity.

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          Addicted to Life

          • Pola Rapaport
          • United States
          • 2022
          • 87 min

            A Belgian Paralympian chooses euthanasia in her future, and in doing so, rediscovers the freedom of living and competing. Her acceptance of death becomes an affirmation of life.

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            After The Rain

            • Fan Jian
            • China
            • 2021
            • 104 min

              After an earthquake razed a Chinese city to the ground in 2008, more than six thousand parents were encouraged to replace the children they lost and move on.

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              • Michele Ciardulli
              • Italy
              • 2022
              • 65 min

                An actor decides to create a play to tell the story of the sense of abandonment of his community and what remains after the earthquake.

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                • Lluís Galter
                • Spain
                • 2022
                • 70 min
                • Paradocs

                  A couple at a campground in Spain are behaving very strangely, and the imaginations of three teenage girls are running wild. This playful film-about-film moves effortlessly between documentary, thriller, detective story and fairytale.

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                  • Clare Weiskopf, Nicolas van Hemelryck
                  • Colombia, Romania, Chile
                  • 2022
                  • 84 min
                  • Best of Fests

                    The teenage girls who live in a shelter in Bogotá have already been through a lot in their young lives. They talk about it through the perspective of a fictional friend: Alis. Their soulful narrative reveals an amazing strength to embrace a brighter future.

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                    All That Remains To Be Seen

                    • Julie Bezerra Madsen
                    • Denmark
                    • 2022
                    • 71 min

                      When Silas turns six, it becomes clear that he has inherited his mother's eye disease. Christina does everything in her power to introduce Silas into the world of the blind.

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                      All You See

                      • Niki Padidar
                      • Netherlands
                      • 2022
                      • 72 min
                      • Luminous

                        What if you suddenly end up in a world where you’re no longer seen but stared at? This film shows the alienation this evokes for four protagonists who are new to the Netherlands. If no one knows who you used to be, are you still yourself?

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