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    A Symphony of Noise - Matthew Herbert's Revolution

    • Enrique Sanchez Lansch
    • Germany
    • 2021
    • 94 min

      Entering the sound universe of celebrated British electronic musician, artist and sound activist Matthew Herbert, A SYMPHONY OF NOISE opens the ears of the audience to the sound of the world.

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      Two Minutes to Midnight

      • Yael Bartana
      • Germany, Netherlands
      • 2021
      • 47 min
      • Paradocs, Focus: The Future Tense

        Might female leaders be able to turn the tide in these times, when the world is in danger of being obliterated by hotheaded men? It’s a question that is gaining ever more complex layers in this tantalizing blend of fiction and political debate.

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        Village X

        • Dominik Bretsch
        • Germany
        • 2022
        • 30

          A stranger arrives in a village with a crazy idea which will turn everything around. What will happen?

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          Viral Dreams

          • Sagi Bornstein, Udi Nir
          • Germany, Israel
          • 2021
          • 86 min

            Follow the journeys of 7 protagonists in their early 20's through a year like no other, in a bittersweet portrait of Gen Z and our new viral world.

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            We Are All Detroit - What Stays And What Disappears

            • Michael Loeken, Ulrike Franke
            • Germany
            • 2021
            • 120 min

              Since the end of the industrial age, Detroit in the US and Bochum in Germany are cities that have undergone fundamental changes. People on both sides of the Atlantic are in search of a new identity.

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              Who We Were

              • Marc Bauder
              • Germany
              • 2021
              • 114 min

                WHO WE WERE observes the current state of the world by taking to six intellectuals and scientists.

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                Why Plastics - The Recycling Myth

                • Tom Costello, Benedict Wermter
                • United States, Germany
                • 2021
                • 51 min

                  Do you know what happens with your plastic trash? Only a fraction of the plastic we use is actually recycled. Since the 1950’s, only 9% of plastic has been recycled.

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                  • Aicha Macky
                  • Niger, France, Germany
                  • 2021
                  • 84 min
                  • Best of Fests

                    Returning to her home city of Zinder in Niger, Aicha Macky shows how her young compatriots are faring there. A powerful, candid, and surprisingly hopeful glimpse into the world of the local gangs.

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