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    Ahmad's Hair

    • Susan Koenen
    • Netherlands
    • 2016
    • 16 min
    • Groep 6,7,8
    • IDFA School Program

      Syrian refugee Ahmad (12) is busy trying to make Dutch friends. It turns out he's also on a personal, heart-warming mission.

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      Black Gold

      • Marc Francis, Nick Francis
      • England
      • 2006
      • 78 min
      • havo bovenbouw, vwo bovenbouw
      • Panorama

        This journey along the long and complex production line of Ethiopian coffee makes an expressive and passionate plea for fair trade.

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        Blood in the Mobile

        • Frank Piasecki Poulsen
        • Denmark
        • 2010
        • 82 min
        • havo bovenbouw, vwo bovenbouw, vmbo bovenbouw, mbo
        • IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary

          A trip to the Bisie mine in Congo, where minerals are extracted for mobile phones.

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          Boy Cheerleaders

          • James Newton
          • England
          • 2010
          • 60 min
          • Brugklas, vmbo onderbouw, havo onderbouw
          • Panorama

            It's not always easy for England's first all-boy cheerleading team in the run-up to the national championships.

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            Burma VJ – Reporting from a Closed Country

            • Anders Ostergaard
            • Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway
            • 2008
            • 85 min
            • havo bovenbouw, vwo bovenbouw
            • The Visual Voice

              With their cameras hidden in bags or clenched under their armpits, Burmese journalists report on the uprising against the dictatorship in September 2007.

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              Burma VJ - Reporting from a Closed Country

              • Anders Ostergaard
              • Denmark, Sweden, England, Norway
              • 2008
              • havo bovenbouw, vwo bovenbouw
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                The Circle

                • Lanre Malaolu
                • United Kingdom
                • 2019
                • 15 min
                • havo bovenbouw, vwo bovenbouw, vmbo bovenbouw, mbo
                • IDFA School Program

                  Two tough teenage brothers from Hackney, East London reveal their vulnerable side in a sensitive portrait that integrates dance and social issues. A voice of dissent in a place where prejudice is the order of the day.

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                  Danny's Parade

                  • Anneke De Lind van Wijngaarden
                  • Netherlands, The
                  • 2007
                  • 15 min
                  • Brugklas, Groep 6,7,8, vmbo onderbouw
                  • IDFA Junior

                    Because life is boring for young gays, Danny arranges a boat for teenagers during the Amsterdam Canal Parade. Not everyone appreciates his initiative.

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                    Darwin's Nightmare

                    • Hubert Sauper
                    • France, Belgium, Austria
                    • 2004
                    • 107 min
                    • havo bovenbouw, vwo onderbouw
                    • Audience Favorites

                      How the international fish and weapon trade near Lake Victoria consumes the poor population.

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                      De Locker - Ik geloof niet meer

                      • Babette Rijkhoff
                      • 2017
                      • 6 min
                      • vmbo bovenbouw, havo bovenbouw, vwo bovenbouw, havo onderbouw, Brugklas, vwo onderbouw, vmbo onderbouw
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