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    Abandoned Land

    • Gilles Laurent
    • Belgium
    • 2016
    • 73 min
    • Panorama

      A thoughtful portrait of the people who have returned to their homes in the evacuated zone around the Fukushima nuclear power station, despite the radioactivity.

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      Abu Jamil Street

      • Monchovet Alexis, Stephane Marchetti
      • France, Israel
      • 2010
      • 52 min
      • Panorama

        Four jolly young Palestinain men at work digging underground tunnels from the Gaza Strip to Egypt.

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        Addicted to Solitude

        • Jon Bang Carlsen
        • Denmark
        • 1999
        • 60 min
        • IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary

          Very personal travelogue about South Africa in the post-apartheid years.

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          Ady Gasy, the Malagasy Way

          • Nantenaina Lova
          • Madagascar, France
          • 2014
          • 84 min
          • Panorama

            People in Madagascar tackle the financial crisis inventively and sustainably, never losing their unique identity and good humor.

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            Afghanistan Night Stories

            • Alka Sadat
            • Afghanistan
            • 2015
            • 60 min
            • Panorama

              The everyday life of Afghan soldiers fighting against the Taliban in a special commando unit of the national army.

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              An African Election

              • Jarreth Merz
              • Ghana, Switzerland, United States
              • 2010
              • 89 min
              • Panorama

                Twenty-eight days before the presidential election in Ghana, the country oscillates between hope for change and fear of conflict.

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                African Mirror

                • Mischa Hedinger
                • Switzerland
                • 2019
                • 84 min
                • Best of Fests

                  Admiration and destruction are two sides of the same coin in this collage of archive footage that reveals how, since the 1950s, Europeans have projected their own idealized images onto Africa and destroyed original cultures.

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                  After 6/4

                  • Jiao Chen
                  • Australia
                  • 2014
                  • IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling, DocLab: Immersive Reality, DocLab Program

                    Protest or riot? A comparison of reporting on unrest at Tiananmen Square in 1989 shows how various versions of the news crystallize into historical fact.

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                    Aftermath: the Remnants of War

                    • Daniel Sekulich
                    • Canada
                    • 2001
                    • 56 min
                    • IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary
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                      The Age of Stupid

                      • Franny Armstrong
                      • England
                      • 2008
                      • 89 min
                      • Panorama

                        This documentary drama depicts an uninhabitable earth in the year 2055. The librarian of world history explains which decisions led to the definitive climate change.

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