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    As I Want

    • Samaher Alqadi
    • Egypt, Norway, France, Palestine, Germany
    • 2021
    • 88 min
    • Best of Fests

      In January 2013, two years after the popular revolt on Tahrir Square, an explosion of sexual violence prompts rage and protests. What does it mean to be a woman in Egypt today? Filmmaker Samaher Alqadi exposes the ubiquitous sexism.

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      • Yuri Ancarani
      • Italy, France
      • 2021
      • 105 min
      • Masters

        In Venice, city of water, teenagers like Daniele don’t have souped-up mopeds but powerful speedboats, or barchini. This atmospheric, hyper-realistic film progresses from a dreamlike beginning to an operatic climax.

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        Beirut: Eye of the Storm

        • Mai Masri
        • Lebanon, France
        • 2021
        • 75 min
        • Masters

          Four young women in Beirut document a turbulent period in recent Lebanese history, from the uprising against the ruling regime to the subsequent lockdown and then, just months later, the gigantic explosion at the port.

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          The Belly of the Mountain

          • Stephen Loye
          • France
          • 2021
          • 76 min
          • Paradocs

            In a remote Alpine town, a plane crash ends 150 lives. Filmmaker Stephen Loye zooms out from the world news to make a freely associated poetic essay about mortality and the meaning of life.

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            Bigger than Us

            • Flore Vasseur
            • France
            • 2021
            • 96 min
            • Best of Fests

              Young people all over the world are opposing inequality, climate disruption, and other injustices. Melati, an Indonesian activist combating plastic pollution, travels the world visiting courageous fellow activists of her own generation. What motivates them?

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              Camille & Ulysse

              • Diana Toucedo
              • France, Spain
              • 2021
              • 46 min
              • DocLab: Liminal Reality, IDFA Doclab Spotlight

                The art of storytelling melds with science fiction, biology, and linguistics to explore the symbiosis between humans and non-humans. An experimental essay in the form of a narrative duet told by philosophers Vinciane Despret and Donna Haraway.

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                La Commune (Paris, 1871)

                • Peter Watkins
                • France
                • 2000
                • 208 min
                • Top 10

                  A compelling and purposely anachronistic documentary reconstruction of the events that led to the Paris Commune. TV interviews and reports track how a people’s revolution flared up, only to be extinguished with blood.

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                  • Antoine Fontaine, Galdric Fleury
                  • France
                  • 2020
                  • 11 min
                  • Best of Fests

                    An experimental, politically charged animated film in which a voiceover confronts us with the restraints imposed on us on the basis of physical characteristics, nationality, and social conditions.

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                    Crotch Stories

                    • Myleine Guiard-Schmid
                    • Belgium, France
                    • 2021
                    • 36 min
                    • Best of Fests

                      An exuberant animation film in which Myleine Guiard-Schmid asks whether giving birth can also be enjoyable, and receives answers from both mothers and midwives. She discovers, among other things, that an orgasm can help the delivery.

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                      Day after...

                      • Kamar Ahmad Simon
                      • Bangladesh, France, Norway
                      • 2021
                      • 115 min
                      • International Competition

                        The Rocket is a century-old paddle steamer still regularly transporting passengers along the river delta of Bangladesh. All aboard for this philosophical and kaleidoscopic film in which rich and poor, young and old, and East and West come together.

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