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    Agnes & Nancy

    • Anne Milne
    • Scotland
    • 2011
    • 24 min
    • Panorama

      A portrait of two women wrestling with the fundamental changes brought on by early-onset dementia.

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      Ahmad's Hair

      • Susan Koenen
      • Netherlands
      • 2016
      • 16 min
      • Groep 6,7,8
      • IDFA School Program

        Syrian refugee Ahmad (12) is busy trying to make Dutch friends. It turns out he's also on a personal, heart-warming mission.

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        All Cats Are Grey in the Dark

        • Lasse Linder
        • Switzerland
        • 2019
        • 18 min
        • Best of Fests

          A tragicomic portrait of a Swiss man who’s so utterly devoted to his two beloved pedigree cats that they can justifiably be described as his life partners. Now one of them is expecting kittens, turning this unconventional household upside down.

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          All of Me

          • Susan Koenen
          • Netherlands, The
          • 2012
          • 15 min
          • Kids & Docs

            Diede and Emma share everything with each other. Everything? Well, almost everything. Because Diede has a secret: she's clairvoyant.

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            Am I Dreaming of Others, or Are Others Dreaming of Me?

            • Shigeo Arikawa
            • Japan, Netherlands
            • 2014
            • 11 min
            • Paradocs: Amsterdam Art Weekend at IDFA

              This surreal dream simulation is simultaneously familiar and discomfiting as it lets go of the linear time frame and sidelines language.

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              Anna's Story

              • Nienke Eijsink
              • Netherlands, The
              • 2009
              • 15 min
              • Kids & Docs

                Anna is a teenager who copes with the loss of her mother by emulating pop idol Britney Spears, who does everything Anna wouldn't do herself.

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                • Mohammad Ali Hashemzehi
                • Iran
                • 2011
                • 25 min
                • Panorama

                  In the scorching desert of Balochistan, where only the wind drowns out the sluggish roaring of the dromedaries, shepherd Kannar contemplates his love-hate relationship with his favorite dromedary. 

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                  The Battle of the Jazz Guitarist

                  • Mark Columbus
                  • United States
                  • 2012
                  • 7 min
                  • IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

                    The filmmaker's inner monologue brings new meaning to this homage to his father's painful musical struggle.

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                    The Birds Are Silent in the Forest

                    • Tim De Keersmaecker
                    • Belgium
                    • 2007
                    • 18 min
                    • IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

                      Subdued circular narration about a warehouseman escaping everyday life by taking his hunting rifle and going to the woods.

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                      Blood Brothers

                      • Marco Espírito Santo, Miguel Coimbra
                      • Portugal
                      • 2015
                      • 6 min
                      • Paradocs

                        An exhilarating soundtrack accompanies Portuguese bullfighters as they return to the arena for the first time since the death of their leader.

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