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    Am I Dreaming of Others, or Are Others Dreaming of Me?

    • Shigeo Arikawa
    • Japan, Netherlands
    • 2014
    • 11 min
    • Paradocs: Amsterdam Art Weekend at IDFA

      This surreal dream simulation is simultaneously familiar and discomfiting as it lets go of the linear time frame and sidelines language.

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      Are You Listening!

      • Kamar Ahmad Simon
      • Bangladesh
      • 2012
      • 90 min
      • Panorama

        A gorgeously shot observational documentary in which a young Bengali family contemplates their future in a region plagued by cyclones and floods.

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        • Sourav Sarangi
        • India, Finland
        • 2008
        • 92 min
        • India - East Side Stories

          An intimate glimpse into the world of a three-year-old boy who lives with his blind parents in a poor neighbourhood of Calcutta.

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          • Pankaj Johar
          • India, Norway
          • 2015
          • 85 min
          • Panorama

            A personal and grueling quest for justice in the case of the mysterious suicide of a 14-year-old girl in Delhi.

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            Change of Choice

            • Chen Ling
            • China
            • 2005
            • 53 min
            • IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary, China Transit

              An account of the onerous, but sorely needed establishment of an agricultural co-op in a farming community dominated by different family clans.

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              The Chinese Mayor

              • Hao Zhou
              • China
              • 2015
              • 87 min
              • Best of Fests, Benjamin Barber: Jihad vs. McWorld 2015

                The mayor of the Chinese city of Datong embarks on an immense demolition and building project to transform his city into a tourist attraction.

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                City of Photos

                • Nishtha Jain
                • India
                • 2004
                • 59 min
                • Audience Favorites

                  If you want to look like a movie star, go to the Kolkata photo studio. There are still some secrets of Indian photo craftsmanship being kept there.

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                  Delhi - Mumbai - Delhi

                  • Saba Dewan
                  • India
                  • 2006
                  • 63 min
                  • Jan Vrijman Fund

                    An intimate portrait of Riya, a young woman who tries to make a better future for herself and her family by dancing in the bars of Mumbai.

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                    Demons in Paradise

                    • Jude Ratnam
                    • France, Sri Lanka
                    • 2017
                    • 94 min
                    • Best of Fests

                      Jude Ratnam investigates the traces of the Sri Lankan civil war, retracing the train journey he made as a child to escape the persecution of Tamils.

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                      Education, Education

                      • Weijun Chen
                      • China, South Africa
                      • 2012
                      • 58 min
                      • Why Poverty?

                        Director Chen Weijun uses three stories of young Chinese people to tell a bigger story about the country's failing education system.

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