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    Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    • Wesley Grubbs
    • United States
    • 2013
    • IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling, DocLab: Interactive Reality, DocLab Program

      This animated infographic shows that clandestine drone attacks carried out in Pakistan by the American military claim almost exclusively innocent victims.

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      • Jonathan Bland
      • Canada
      • 2002
      • 30 min
      • IDFA Competition for First Appearance

        Portrait of an Indian ‘untouchable’ or dalit homeless monk, who lives wordlessly, without any possessions.

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        • Piotr W. Bernas
        • Poland
        • 2011
        • 33 min
        • IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

          On the hunt with a member of the Polish paparazzi, smoking as he scours the streets for privacy-violating photo opportunities and provides insight into his professional and personal life.

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          Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

          • Alex Gibney
          • United States
          • 2012
          • 58 min
          • Why Poverty?

            A thrilling, quick-cut debate on how capitalist America lost balance, and how lobbyists became the most powerful people in Washington.

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            Parsi Wada, Tarapore - Present Day

            • Kaevan Umrigar
            • India
            • 2005
            • 22 min
            • India - East Side Stories

              With very few words and nostalgic images, a Parsi director leisurely captures the simple life of a poor Zoroastrian community in Pune, India.

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              • Alysson Muritiba
              • Brazil
              • 2013
              • 17 min
              • Paradocs

                In the exercise yard of a Brazilian jail, prisoners pray, play football, sing and practice capoeira.

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                Personal Truth

                • Charlie Shackleton
                • United Kingdom
                • 2017
                • 17 min
                • IDFA Competition for Short Documentary

                  A short, essayistic film about the powerful influence of fake news. Just how convincing are conspiracy theories?

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                  Peter and Ben

                  • Pinny Grylls
                  • England
                  • 2007
                  • 10 min
                  • IDFA Competition for Short Documentary

                    Living in seclusion in Wales, Peter feels it's time for Ben, a sheep he personally raised but who has become too hard to handle, to return to his herd.

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                    • Gregorio Graziosi
                    • Brazil
                    • 2008
                    • 12 min
                    • IDFA Competition for Short Documentary

                      Poetic close-ups of an old man, whose solitary life is captured in tightly framed shots.

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                      • Billy Pols
                      • Netherlands
                      • 2009
                      • 15 min
                      • Brugklas, Groep 6,7,8, vmbo onderbouw, vwo onderbouw, havo onderbouw
                      • IDFA Junior

                        The Dutch-Moroccan Nassim is a skater who dreams of becoming a pro – even though he knows Moroccans are supposed to like football and kickboxing.

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