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    A list of all films and interactive documentaries selected for IDFA throughout the years.

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    102 år i hjärtat av Europa - ett porträtt av Ernst Jünger

    • Jesper Wachtmeister
    • 1998
    • 58 min

    Portrait of the German writer Ernst Jünger, as well as a comment on the main events of this century.

    The 3 Rooms of Melancholia

    • Pirjo Honkasalo
    • 2004
    • 106 min

    Shot in St. Petersburg, Grozny and Ingushetia, this multilayered, poetic film deals with basic human feelings, fear, loneliness, war, life's dilemmas and misery.

    9 Scenes of Violence

    • Michael Krotkiewski
    • 2011
    • 33 min

    A short series of portraits in which nine apparently average Swedes talk about how they acted on a violent urge.


    • Liv Weisberg
    • 1998
    • 25 min

    Socially committed portrait of three fighters against racism in Sweden.


    • Janus Metz
    • 2010
    • 100 min

    Embedded in Camp Armadillo in Afghanistan with young Danish soldiers, for whom war is an adrenalin kick.


    • Fredrik Gertten
    • 2009
    • 54 min

    The world's biggest fruit company is on trial in the USA ... for poisoning their workers!! A "David against Goliath" War in every way ...

    A Bastard Child

    • Knutte Wester
    • 2016
    • 57 min

    In an exceptional mix of animation and archive footage, artist Knutte Wester tells the story of his grandmother, who grew up with the stigma of being illegitimate.

    Bathing Micky

    • Frida Kempff
    • 2010
    • 14 min

    In between images of her daily trip to the sea, a spry old Danish woman reflects on her life.

    Beautiful Frenzy

    • Mandra Ursulov Wabäck, Christina Hallström
    • 2001
    • 52 min

    The Dutch band The Ex has been around for more than twenty years. All this time, nothing much has changed. Only their music is constantly developing. From straightforward punk to improvised music - again and again, new ground is broken. The music, the mutual concord and the interaction with the audience reflect an attitude to life based on obstinacy and curiosity, and certainly not on conformity or pleasing large audiences. The Ex organise their own concerts, have their own record label and play with just as much fervour in a hall with three thousand people as in a tiny squat. With this rather un-American style, the band has managed to survive for many years in a music industry that is mainly concerned with sales figures.

    Beauty Refugee

    • Claudia Lisboa
    • 2009
    • 58 min

    An intriguing personal portrait of the Lisboa family, who keep getting enticed into plastic surgery on brother Sergio's operating table.