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    A list of all films and interactive documentaries selected for IDFA throughout the years.

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    • Bert Hana
    • 2013

    Fifty years after Alleman, theater director Bert Hana leads us through the streets of the Netherlands, digitally captured through Google Street View.

    12 Days of Waiting

    • Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi
    • 2008
    • 39 min

    Political developments dominate the private life of an old Iranian couple who try in vain to get in touch with their emigrated daughter.

    15 Attempts

    • Aliona van der Horst
    • 2013
    • 50 min

    An uplifting film that invites the audience to look and listen without preconceptions during 15 attempts.

    17000 Islands

    • Thomas A. Østbye, Edwin
    • 2013

    A crowdsourcing project on the propagandistic "Taman Mini" amusement park, in which the films made by visitors lead to a dialogue about Indonesian history.

    35 Cows and a Kalashnikov

    • Oswald von Richthofen
    • 2014
    • 87 min

    A beautifully made triptych about warrior-farmers, colorful dandies and voodoo wrestlers in Ethiopia, Congo-Brazzaville and Congo-Kinshasa.


    • William Raban
    • 2009
    • 4 min

    What happens when you leave out all the usual frills from a film screening. What are you left with?


    • Ismail Basbeth
    • 2013
    • 13 min

    Between the lines, scenes from a happy wedding video show how young people in Indonesia are struggling with their parents’ cultural legacy.


    • Carla Valencia Dávila
    • 2010
    • 93 min

    Ecuadorian documentary filmmaker Carla Valencia Dvila's debut film about her two exceptional grandfathers: a political activist who died young and a "wonder doctor" who sought immortality.

    Act and Wind

    • Marcelo Masagão
    • 2014
    • 72 min

    A true treat for cinephiles, this swirling sequence of iconic shots shows how films bridge time and space and tell a more universal story.


    • Robert Greene
    • 2014
    • 87 min

    An account of a relationship on the rocks as experienced by actress Brandy Burre of The Wire, this film employs stylistic elements from melodrama and cinema verité.