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    A list of all films and interactive documentaries selected for IDFA throughout the years.

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    • Bert Hana
    • 2013

    Fifty years after Alleman, theater director Bert Hana leads us through the streets of the Netherlands, digitally captured through Google Street View.

    100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time

    • Kira Pollack, Paul Moakley
    • 2016

    A multimedia project by Time magazine on the hundred photos that have shaped our world. Short films, essays and stories from those who have made the news explain why.

    17000 Islands

    • Thomas A. Østbye, Edwin
    • 2013

    A crowdsourcing project on the propagandistic "Taman Mini" amusement park, in which the films made by visitors lead to a dialogue about Indonesian history.

    26.000 gezichten - met onbekende bestemming vertrokken

    • Ditteke Mensink, Frans Weisz, Hans Polak, Hedda van Gennep-Postma, Jiska Rickels, Joost Bosland, Leendert Pot, Maroesja Perizonius, Nouchka van Brakel, Rudolf van den Berg, Hans Pool
    • 2005

    A series of short portraits of asylum seekers who have lost all their appeals and must return to their countries of origin, as a protest action on the part of more than 150 Dutch filmmakers against the asylum policy of the current government in the Netherlands.

    26.000 gezichten junior - met onbekende bestemming vertrokken

    • Bert Oosterveld, Jelka Anhalt, Lodewijk Crijns, Magda Augusteijn, Marion Bloem, Suzanne Raes, Noud Holtman, Peter Lataster, Saskia Gubbels, Tinus Kramer, Wilma Ligthart
    • 2005

    A series of portraits of asylum-seeking minors in the Netherlands. After years of waiting for a residence permit, the Dutch government is forcing these children to return to countries where they know absolutely nothing about the language or culture.

    26.000 gezichten

    • Arjanne Laan, Hedda van Gennep-Postma, Moniek Keegstra, George Schouten, Heddy Honigmann, Ellen Blom, Remy van Heugten, Danniel Danniel, Frans Bromet, Rudolf van den Berg, Peter Delpeut, John Appel, Frank Zichem, Kees Hin, Niek Koppen, Paula van der Oest, Barbara den Uyl, Céline Linssen
    • 2004


    • Günther Schnabel
    • 1948

    Schnabel raises the matter of the tough existence and inhumane housing- conditions of miners in post-war Germany by telling the, in a sense exemplary, story of a young man who came to the western zone as a refugee from Konigsberg after the war. Initially, he tries to survive by trading on the black market. When that fails he decides to offer himself as a new worker at one of the mines. As a young novice he ends up in a mining camp in the Ruhr area where at first he, like all other strangers, is treated with great distrust by his colleagues. This aloofness gradually diminishes when he, together with a few comrades, sets up a commission representing miners' rights and taking care of improved housing and living conditions. New accommodation is built where the miners can finally enjoy a little privacy. Leisure time becomes an appreciated part of the working week more than ever before. This mining camp was one of the first in the Ruhr area where these improvements took place, which makes this documentary a plea for following these initiatives.

    50 ans

    • Gilles Carle
    • 1989

    A short film with humouristic and moving excerpts from films made by the National Film Board of Canada during the first 50 years of its existence.

    60 Cycles

    • Jean-Claude Labrecque
    • 1965

    In the Tour de St Laurent amateur cyclists who partake must, in 12 days, cycle a total of 1,500 miles through the Quebec countryside to complete the race. Labrecque filmed the 11th tour. The initial part of the film contains some commentary but the rest consists of impressionistic scenes and music.

    9 Eyes

    • Jon Rafman
    • 2008

    9 Eyes is a blog collecting the many unusual and unexpected images of people and places found on Google Maps Street View.