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    A list of all films and interactive documentaries selected for IDFA throughout the years.

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    • Renate Costa
    • 2010
    • 95 min

    In Paraguay, "108" is a derogatory term for homosexuals. In this documentary, filmmaker Renate Costa investigates the history of her 108 uncle.

    30 Years of Darkness

    • Manuel H. Martín
    • 2011
    • 85 min

    The incredible story of Manuel Cortés, nicknamed the "Mijas mole," who went into hiding in his own home for 30 years in Franco’s Spain.

    37 Uses For a Dead Sheep

    • Ben Hopkins
    • 2006
    • 85 min

    This colourful documentary blends seriousness and humour, homesickness and heroic feats, as it centres on a small populace riding the surf of history.

    66 Months

    • James Bluemel
    • 2011
    • 85 min

    Unflinching yet respectful, the camera records the decline of two boozing, fighting, destructive outcasts who develop a loving relationship despite it all.

    8: The Mormon Proposition

    • Reed Cowan
    • 2010
    • 81 min

    A reconstruction of the campaign by which Mormons from Utah managed to keep gay marriage from becoming California law.

    Abduction the Megumi Yokota Story

    • Chris Sheridan, Patty Kim
    • 2006
    • 85 min

    A Japanese couple tries to find out the truth about their daughter, who was kidnapped as a 13-year-old by the North Korean secret service in 1977.

    Advanced Style

    • Lina Plioplyte
    • 2014
    • 72 min

    A colorful and intimate portrait of seven New York ladies who make growing old fabulous with their snazzy style, glamour and zest.

    An Affair of the Heart

    • Sylvia Caminer
    • 2012
    • 93 min

    For fans of Rick Springfield, who was a big star in the 1980s, love for their idol is an all-embracing experience.

    Alice in the Land

    • Esteban Larrain
    • 2008
    • 86 min

    A Bolivian teenager hikes all the way from her impoverished town to a city in Chile in search of a job.

    Alive Inside

    • Michael Rossato-Bennett
    • 2014
    • 78 min

    A compelling film that shows how music can revive the emotions and memories of elderly people suffering from dementia, transforming their lives.