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    A list of all films and interactive documentaries selected for IDFA throughout the years.

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    Syria (26)

    Aleppo's Fall

    • Nizam Najar
    • 2017
    • 85 min
    • Panorama

    Years of war have failed to weaken the position of President Bashar al-Assad. Embedded with the rebels, filmmaker Nizam Najjar investigates why.

    As If We Were Catching a Cobra

    • Hala Alabdalla
    • 2012
    • 122 min
    • Regular program: Best of Fests

    A documentary about freedom of expression for political cartoonists in Syria and Egypt suddenly becomes highly topical when the Arab Spring takes place during filming.

    Black Stones

    • usama ghanoum
    • 2017
    • 48 min
    • IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary, Shifting Perspectives: The Arab World

    Caught in the cross fire during the siege of Homs, people try to carry on with their lives.

    Dugma: The Button

    • Paul Salahadin Refsdal
    • 2016
    • 58 min
    • Regular program: Best of Fests

    In this intimate portrait, two jihadists awaiting a suicide mission for the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda talk about themselves and their loved ones.

    The Father, the Son and the Holy Jihad

    • Stéphane Malterre
    • 2016
    • 120 min
    • Regular program: Panorama

    The controversial, tragic tale of the Ayachis, a French-Syrian family. First the son and then the father are drawn into the jihad in Syria.

    A Flood in Baath Country

    • Omar Amiralay
    • 2004
    • 47 min
    • Shifting Perspectives: The Arab World

    The local government of a village on the banks of Lake Assad reflects the autocracy introduced by the Ba'ath Party.

    I Swear to Tell the Truth

    • Anagram
    • 2017
    • 45 min
    • IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction

    This interactive tour combining audio guide, documentary and physical experience prompts participants to consider their personal perception of truth. On-site reservation required.

    The Long Season

    • Leonard Retel Helmrich
    • 2017
    • 115 min
    • IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary, IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary

    An intimate portrait of life in an improvised camp in the Bekaa valley, where thousands of Syrians stay after they fled their hometown of Raqqa.

    Mr. Gay Syria

    • Ayse Toprak
    • 2017
    • 88 min
    • Panorama

    A refugee named Husein decides to compete in the Mr. Gay Syria pageant to draw attention to homosexuality among his people.

    Of Fathers and Sons

    • Talal Derki
    • 2017
    • 98 min
    • IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary

    Two years in the life of an Al-Nusra fighter, shuttling between his family and the battlefront. As a passionate Jihadi, he wants his sons to follow in his footsteps.