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    A list of all films and interactive documentaries selected for IDFA throughout the years.

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    • Bert Hana
    • 2013

    Fifty years after Alleman, theater director Bert Hana leads us through the streets of the Netherlands, digitally captured through Google Street View.

    #chicagoGirl -- The Social Network Takes on a Dictator

    • Joe Piscatella
    • 2013
    • 74 min

    An 19-year-old American student has been helping to coordinate the Syrian revolution from a suburb of Chicago since 2011, armed with all imaginable social networks.

    'Ashûrâ': This Blood Spilled in My Veins

    • Jalal Toufic
    • 2002
    • 104 min

    Scenes in a mosque, a car and at a religious procession during the Islamic commemoration of Âshûrâ.

    'Madeleine' portret van een stempedagoge

    • Ruth Meyer
    • 1995
    • 56 min

    Portrait of the influential voice teacher and anarchist Madeleine Lehning.

    't Zonhuis (1925)

    • Joris Ivens
    • 1925
    • 2 min

    Around the summerhouse ('t Zonhuis') of the Ivens family near Nijmegen several shots were taken. In recordings from 1922 we see Coba Ivens in the garden. Wim and Rie enter ''t Zonhuis' and are welcomed by the Ivens family. Dora Ivens is in the sunken sitting area under the sunshade. Later, the whole family joins her. The camerawork is probably by Piet Rutten.Images from 1925 show father and mother Ivens on a garden bench. Other family-members join them. The family saunters through the garden. Images of Coba and ma Ivens. Rie poses proudly with her two dogs. The camerawork is by Piet Rutten or Joris Ivens.Following a commercial leader, 'Foto?, Projectie? en Kinohandel CAPI, Kalverstraat 115, Amsterdam', we see the Ivens family in and around the house in private shootings from 1927. Thea Ivens opens the window of the garden house and poses together with another woman: Jitske van den Berg. Mother Dora is engaged in preparing a meal. Coba drops her homework. Father Ivens comes home and reads the newspaper in the garden. The camerawork is probably by Joris Ivens.

    'Welcome to Holland' - Campus Vught

    • Sarah Vos
    • 2003
    • 100 min

    The disintegration of Campus Vught and its system to prepare hopeless single underage asylum seekers for their return.

    (The Rise and Fall of the Legendary) Anglobilly Feverson

    • Rosto
    • 2002
    • 10 min

    A combination of animation and fiction featuring Anglobilly Feverson who discovers a hole in the heavens.

    ..The Flood..or..Looking for Atlantis

    • CTC/Cresset Communications B.V.
    • 1997
    • 53 min

    The history of the Flood, as described in the Bible, is represented in many mythologies: world-wide there are numerous variations on the story of Noahs Ark. The Greek philosopher Plato also related the story of a highly cultivated civilisation that was said to have gone down due to a flood. He named the submerged continent Atlantis. The English bestselling author Colin Wilson, key figure of this film, investigated the parallels between the myths about the prehistoric history of mankind and the scientific theories about the same subject. THE FLOOD OR LOOKING FOR ATLANTIS is part of the documentary series MYTHS OF MANKIND. Compiler Roel Oostra (1946) makes and produces cultural TV programmes. The episode GENESIS IN STONE from his documentary series in twelve parts HISTORY MYSTERIES has won various awards.


    • Leo Wentink
    • 2004
    • 12 min

    Alienating story, told in reverse, about the fate of 20,000 albino rabbits on a breeding farm.

    1 Giant Leap

    • Jamie Catto, Duncan Bridgeman
    • 2002
    • 76 min

    Global trip through music and images explores 12 common global themes.