IDFA Forum Project Selection


    Aalto - Architect of Emotions

    • Virpi Suutari

    A love story of Alvar and Aino Aalto, Finnish masters of modern architecture and design, and enchanting journey to their creations and influence around the world.

    Adil and the Spy

    • Randi Mossige-Norheim, Johan Palmgren
    • 90 min

    All Adil wanted to was to take care of his family but the governing powers and the war against terrorism turned everything upside down.

    After Inez

    • Karin Ekberg for Karin Ekberg AB
    • 79 min

    A film about loss, but even more about love, that leaves us grateful of getting a deeper insight of how it is to life with grief.

    Aleppo's Fall

    • Nizam Najar
    • 85 min
    • Panorama

    Years of war have failed to weaken the position of President Bashar al-Assad. Embedded with the rebels, filmmaker Nizam Najjar investigates why.


    • Mo Scarpelli

    A young boy living at the very edge of the modern world seeks his place within it, exploring and exposing the tensions around “progress” engulfing him and his country.

    Avi Does the Holy Land

    • Nadan Pines, Tracy Levy, Yuval Orr, Danielle Angel
    • 5

    Avi Does the Holy Land is an interactive mockumentary web-project featuring Avi Schwartzberger, a blogger striving to understand one of the world's most contentious areas: the Middle East.


    • Hans Pool
    • 80 min

    Who downed the MH17? While the official research fails to provide answers, Bellingcat, a network of citizen investigators collaborating through the internet, succeeds in giving the perpetrators a face.

    Belly of the Beast

    • Erika Cohn

    Belly of the Beast intimately chronicles the journey of women fighting reproductive injustice in their communities.

    Blood on the Trident

    • Vlady Antonevicz

    Mini series Blood on the Trident chronicles a DIY investigation/journey of two friends seeking the truth behind a viral murder posted on Youtube. Adaptation and sequel of Credit for Murder (2015)

    A Boarding School

    • Shalahuddin Siregar

    A Boarding School offers rare access inside an Islamic boarding school. It invites the audience to delve deep into the inner workings of an Indonesian school that fosters democracy and tolerance against the rise of extremism in today’s world.