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    60 projects are selected for IDFA Forum 2022. Browse through the different project pages and presentation categories below.

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    Country of Production

    Angels Street

    • Silvia Rey
    • Spain
    • 80 min

      An (im)moral tale about gentrification.

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      The Anticipation of Rain-6DoF

      • Naima Karim
      • Saudi Arabia
      • 10 min

        The Anticipation of Rain is fine artist Naima Karim’s personal and moving reflection on creative inspiration and plea for global collaboration in a time of climate change.

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        Breaking the Wall

        • Weichao Xu
        • China
        • 100 min

          An idealistic star architect, assertive low-income residents, and control-minded bureaucrats are shaping the outcome of a social housing experiment in Beijing that could redefine urban China for decades to come.

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          Catching Them Young

          • Pankaj Johar
          • India
          • 75 min

            At a school for ancient Indian spiritual and philosophical learning, the new batch of students is forced to make a difficult choice between a liberal and radical form of their religion.

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            The Chaos Simulator

            • Dov Heichemer
            • Germany
            • 8 min

              The Chaos Simulator is an immersive smash room that exalts the positive nature of change.

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              • Grzegorz Paprzycki
              • Poland
              • 75 min

                The arrival of December sweeps away the existing order and sends to Europe not only the snow and wind, also strangers. They are called refugees, migrants or even enemies. Winter starts to take control of the streets and hearts of some people, creating conflicts and divisions that lead to tragedies.

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                • Olha Zhurba
                • Ukraine
                • 90 min

                  Displaced captures a collective portrait of Ukrainians fleeing the grindstones of war, and those who stayed and are forced to adapt to life under constant shelling.

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                  Dom ("Home" in Russian)

                  • Svetlana Rodina, Laurent Stoop
                  • Switzerland
                  • 90 min

                    A lost generation of young Russians arrives in Tbilisi Georgia. Forced to leave their homeland by Putin’s war and repression, they live as digital dissidents searching for a new home.

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                    Don't Call Me Mad

                    • Zora Kuettner
                    • United Kingdom
                    • 90 min

                      After uncovering never-before-seen archive her psychologist father filmed decades ago, director Zora Kuettner discovers the impact of his radical treatment of mental illness, and how it holds up 30 years on.

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                      • Nimrod Shanit
                      • Canada, Germany
                      • 15 min

                        DoX is a role-playing mixed reality multiplayer peer-challenge, based on true facts, confronting racial and gender biases all while attempting to fly the largest seaplane ever built in 1929.

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