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    Aalto - Architect of Emotions

    • Virpi Suutari

    A love story of Alvar and Aino Aalto, Finnish masters of modern architecture and design, and enchanting journey to their creations and influence around the world.

    ABC Colombia

    • Enrica Colusso
    • 887552 min

    is an intimate portrait of a small rural community in a part of Colombia entirely controlled by paramilitary forces, rendered through the eyes of the children who grow up there, and are often forced into very difficult choices. How do these children grow up? What kind of future do they see for themselves? The documentary will follow the young protagonists in this problematic setting through an entire school year, exploring some of the realities that nurture and perpetuate the violence in Colombia.

    Act of God

    • Jennifer Baichwal, Nick de Pencier
    • 75 min

    Stories about lightning and chance or the metaphysical effects of being struck by lightning.

    Adil and the Spy

    • Randi Mossige-Norheim, Johan Palmgren
    • 90 min

    All Adil wanted to was to take care of his family but the governing powers and the war against terrorism turned everything upside down.

    The Adventurers of Modern Art

    • Pauline Gaillard, Amélie Harrault, Valérie Loiseleux
    • 52

    Plunge into Parisian life at the turn of the 20th Century with Picasso, Dali, Apollinaire, Man Ray, Kiki and more... Episode 2: “Picasso and his Gang”.

    Afghan Muscles

    • Andreas Mol Dalsgaard
    • 58 min

    After Inez

    • Karin Ekberg for Karin Ekberg AB
    • 79 min

    A film about loss, but even more about love, that leaves us grateful of getting a deeper insight of how it is to life with grief.


    • José-Luis Peñafuerte, Ariadna Pujol

    Aging of a population, a very low birth-rate, urban exodus: Aguaviva, an isolated Spanish village in the Aragon region, had slow death for only destiny: house and farming are being abandoned and the school has only 20 students left. But the mayor decided to send newspaper advertisement abroad, refusing fatality: he would warrant work and a home for any family with two children between six and 12 wishing to settle down for at least five years in his 'Spanish village seeks families willing to immigrate.' These words brought a lot of enthusiastic answers. Today, 20 new families, almost twice the population of about 300 people, came from Argentina, Romania, Uruguay and Ecuador. The village became full and started living again, the school is busy, and the experience and cohabitation brings new hope to everyone. Far remote from the ambiant deception and individualism, many other Spanish villages are following the Aguaviva mayor's footsteps.

    Aleppo's Fall

    • Nizam Najar
    • 85 min
    • Panorama

    Years of war have failed to weaken the position of President Bashar al-Assad. Embedded with the rebels, filmmaker Nizam Najjar investigates why.

    All Boys

    • Markku Heikkinen
    • 52 min