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    The Almanac

    • Michel Reilhac
    • Netherlands

    The Almanac is an empowering platform that will enable global citizens to take back control of their digital lives. On a daily basis, the platform will offer practical tools, tips and stories to help you monitor and improve your digital consumption patterns.


    • Joanna Wright
    • United Kingdom

    Atomfa shares surprising stories from the final days of a rural nuclear power station. From local mythologies & the promise of the atomic age to the space age. From the past, the present & long into the future.


    • Ifeatu Nnaobi
    • Nigeria

    Devastation, beauty, and resilience in Borno State, Nigeria.

    The Longest Goodbye

    • Nir Sa'ar, Ido Mizrahy
    • Israel, United States

    The greatest mystery facing humanity on a future Mars mission is not Mars--but the human psyche. This VR journey follows a resourceful NASA psychologist, as he investigates the threat, posed by extreme isolation, to astronauts’ mental stability.


    • Ali Eslami, Mamali Shafahi
    • Netherlands, Iran

    nerd_funk is a digital identity existing on Instagram, following the contemporary digital culture. In this VR journey, User will explore the new reality that emerged out of social media.


    • Mathieu Rochet
    • France

    Atlanta. Larry is appointed by the God of Rap to save the world from an epidemic of Trap Music. How? By finding South most acclaimed band: OutKast. Larry finds himself immersed in Atlanta’s rap scene, ending up doing an accidental hip hop portrait of Atlanta, the New Mecca of rap.

    Prison X

    • Violeta Ayala
    • Bolivia, Australia, United States, Chile

    Inspired by a Bolivian jail; Prison X is a collection of interactive stories, hand-painted in VR. A world of magic realism sucks you in; you have to keep the devil drunk so she can’t steal your soul.

    Scheherazade Now

    • Mina Keshavarz for Mindoc Film Production
    • Netherlands

    If you are a victim of domestic violence in Iran, you have nowhere to run to, no laws to protect you and few institutions to support you. This project documents a collective attempt towards change.

    Shadow Game

    • Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel, Sara Kolster
    • Netherlands

    Play is normally a safe adventure. For child migrants 'The Game' is a dangerous attempt to cross European borders in search of a better life - while growing up alone on the road. Shadow Game is a coming-of-age story, an interactive odyssey through Europe with these resourceful youngsters as our guides.

    Wonder Women

    • Celine Tricart
    • France

    Wonder Women is a VR and Web series featuring stories of women all around the world - literally - fighting for their rights.