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    Alexa, Call Mom!

    • Charlotte Simpson, Nitzan Bartov
    • United States

    Alexa, Call Mom! is a late capitalist ghost story where corporate AI mediates a connection between the living and the dead.


    • Deniz Tortum, Kathryn Hamilton
    • Turkey

    An essay VR experience on efforts to perfect virtual mimesis of reality, in the midst of real-world ecological collapse, and on how virtual reality technology stands in for and distracts from loss and absence in the physical world.


    • Jorge Caballero, Anna Giralt Gris
    • Canada, Colombia

    ARTIFICIO is an interactive web-series that explores the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of arts.

    Atomic Vacation

    • Cyril Tsiboulski, Illya Szilak
    • United States

    This hybrid fiction/nonfiction narrative game for VR examines our Atomic past and a post-apocalyptic future through the mind and story of a little robot girl.

    Club Colombia

    • Jan Rothuizen
    • Netherlands

    In the interactive documentary Club Colombia, an online journey to everyday Colombia, artist Jan Rothuizen explores the limits between a personal travel story and a report of a land in transition.

    Going Back Home VR

    • Catalina Alarcon
    • Chile

    An inmate from a women’s prison, will virtually reunite with her daughter thanks to VR after being 8 years apart, while she reviews her memories about her maternity in prison.

    The Greatest Wait

    • Razan AlSalah
    • France

    Zei, a 3rd generation Palestinian refugee, returns to her ancestral home Haifa through virtual reality, the one way she can see Palestine.


    • Piotr Winiewicz
    • Denmark

    The world's first artistic documentary made by a machine.


    • Gayatri Parameswaran, Felix Gaedtke for NowHere Media
    • Germany, Nepal, United States

    Kusunda is a docufiction VR experience that invites you to speak an endangered indigenous language to access the memories and thoughts of its last speaker and guardian.

    Love and Seawater

    • Lisa Harewood
    • United Kingdom

    Love and Seawater is an emotive VR non-fiction experience of an invisible aspect of Caribbean migrant culture - the indefinite separation of parents from their children.