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    The Anticipation of Rain-6DoF

    • Naima Karim
    • Saudi Arabia
    • 10 min

      The Anticipation of Rain is fine artist Naima Karim’s personal and moving reflection on creative inspiration and plea for global collaboration in a time of climate change.

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      The Chaos Simulator

      • Dov Heichemer
      • Germany
      • 8 min

        The Chaos Simulator is an immersive smash room that exalts the positive nature of change.

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        • Nimrod Shanit
        • Canada, Germany
        • 15 min

          DoX is a role-playing mixed reality multiplayer peer-challenge, based on true facts, confronting racial and gender biases all while attempting to fly the largest seaplane ever built in 1929.

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          Fresh Memories

          • Ondřej Moravec, Volodymyr Kolbasa
          • Czech Republic
          • 25 min

            What would you do if war showed up in your living room? An immersive project about the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

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            Hong Kong Café

            • Yan Ting Yuen, Doris Yeung
            • Netherlands

              Immerse yourself in a piece of Hong Kong, and learn about Hong Kong’s history by ordering your plate at the Hong Kong Café. A virtual homeland where you can eat, meet and get yelled at by your obnoxious Cantonese waiter.

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              House of Stone

              • Anna West, David Callanan, Florencia Curci, Frances Yeung, Joshua Madalitso Chiundiza
              • United Kingdom

                In this sonic and light art installation, through the presence and witness of stones, we invite visitors to get closer to nature and ancestors through ritual and connection.

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                If These Streets Could Talk

                • Barna Szász
                • Hungary

                  If These Streets Could Talk is a network of site-specific interactive mobile AR/MR documentary experiences that make the invisible Jewish history of European cities visible.

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                  Jacob's Journey

                  • Joanne Popinska
                  • Canada

                    Jacob Goldstein was a boy when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. In this interactive VR documentary, Jacob shares his remarkable story of surviving the machinery of the Holocaust.

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                    Masquerade. Chapter One: Pillaro's Devil's Dance

                    • Juan Pablo Urgilés
                    • Ecuador

                      VR documentary that, through dance and a mask, takes the user on an immersive journey while discovering the stories and origins of the Pillaro’s Devil’s Dance in Ecuador.

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                      • Rodolfo Lissia
                      • France, Netherlands

                        A VR interactive documentary that explores the interconnection between energy, food and water resources on our planet. In an imagined and sustainable future, a Grandmother tells the story of how the world was once dealing with a deep environmental crisis, and how society managed to carefully restore the balance of its natural resources.

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