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    African Space Makers

    • Vincenzo Cavallo
    • Kenya, Germany

    The only way to understand Urban Storytelling it's by experiencing it!Choose which film director you would like to be and experience urbanAfrica with your crew. This is your assignment, and this is how you aregoing to understand what it means to be an African Space Maker, areal Urban Hero!


    • Shaunak Sen
    • India

    The story of Delhi’s apocalyptic air is told through an unlikely figure – the black kite, and its human entanglements.

    Al Haya Helwa (Life is Beautiful)

    • Mohamed Jabaly
    • Norway

    Living the diaspora wasn’t a choice. In forced exile, in the dark, arctic winter, Palestinian filmmaker Mohamed Jabaly is fighting using his camera to feed hope for a better future.

    Alis (working title)

    • Nicolas van Hemelryck, Clare Weiskopf
    • Colombia

    Eight teenage girls who lived on the unforgiving streets of Bogota, close their eyes and dream up Alis, a fictional character. Their soulful narrative reveals an amazing perseverance to break the cycle of violence and embrace a better future.

    Amalie's Shadow

    • Esther Niemeier
    • Germany

    Esther Niemeier's great-grandmother fell victim to the Nazi-euthanasia program. She sought divorce and wound up a psychiatric patient at her ex-husband's hand. Free-willed women had to be insane, after all.

    Ancestral Secret VR

    • Francisca Silva, Maria Jose Diaz
    • Chile

    The ancestral wisdom of the Q'ero community of Peru, joins the VR to reveal its worldview. This is a magical journey that redefines the relationship between humanity and Mother Earth.

    Anchor Baby

    • Ana Veselic, Jessica Chermayeff
    • United States

    A teenager’s flight from Honduras, through Central America suddenly snaps into focus when she gives birth on US soil — launching an epic coming-of-age tale of assimilation in America.

    Angel - Diary of a Planned Death

    • Fernando González
    • Spain

    Angel waited years for an euthanasia law to be passed to help his wife have a dignified death. But he had to sacrifice himself to push the change. 


    • Theo Montoya
    • Colombia

    After members of the queer scene in Medellín, Colombia are cast for a vampire movie, the film’s protagonist -Camilo Najar - dies of a heroin overdose at age 21. As the youth in Colombia grapple with suicide and drug overdoses, Anhell69 tries to explore this generation’s “nonfuture” mindset.

    Apolonia, Apolonia

    • Lea Glob
    • Denmark

    Apolonia, Apolonia is the story of a young woman, who decides to walk in the footsteps of the great French painters. But she is a woman, painting is considered an anachronism from the past, and becoming a female painter, rising from the bottom of society to the top of the social aristocratic circles, is a journey filled with obstacles and dilemma

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