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    The Broom

    • Nim Shapira
    • Israel

    Travel 40,000 years through art history by stepping into the shoes of Leonid Pekarovsky, an immigrant art-historian turned street-sweeper. To join, grab a VR headset and a broom.

    Burn the Cuckoo's Nest

    • Jo Sol
    • Spain

    Immersive documentary on the medical and scientific revolution around psychedelic drugs, through the intimate document of personal transformation and physical healing with new psychedelic treatments.

    Carving with Memories: Ihyangjeong

    • Sunghwan Lee
    • South Korea

    Inspired by the homes of ancestors with numerous memories, the main character builds a new house where he can carve his own memories.

    Culture Archive

    • Kidus Hailesilassie, Ainslee Robson
    • United States, Ghana, Ethiopia

    Who are we without access to an archive of our collective memory? This three-part installation re-contextualizes the archiving of Black consciousness, knowledge-generation and technology as an experience occupying digital space.


    • Sindi Breshani
    • United Kingdom, Albania

    For almost fifty years, Albania was under a repressive regime. This docu-game recounts the true stories of those who experienced it, seen through the eyes of a fictional state informant.

    Future Rites

    • Sandra Rodriguez, Alexander Whitley
    • United Kingdom

    Future Rites is a multi-user VR and live dance performance based on the seminal ballet The Rite Of Spring. Combining motion capture, real-time animation and AI, visitors are invited to move and dance, expanding on our relationship to nature and the sacrifices we’re willing to make.

    Good Neighbours

    • Natalie Dixon, Klasien van de Zandschulp
    • Netherlands

    A weirdly familiar documentary that reveals the hilarious and uncomfortable truths about what really connects neighbourhood-watch communities.

    Inside: A Journey Into the World of Outsider Artist Judith Scott

    • Sacha Wares
    • United Kingdom, Canada

    This exhibition brings to life the biography of artist Judith Scott through installation and virtual reality film, revealing connections between her work and the extraordinary circumstances of her life.

    Just For One Day

    • Dale Herigstad, Johannes Brandrup
    • Germany

    1980’s Kreuzberg. Young artist Yadegar Asisi faces ideologies, everyday life, and David Bowie. He makes the wall disappear in his way. A spatial narrative: Augmented Television meets Panorama Art.

    The Pulp

    • Aubrey Heichemer
    • Germany

    The Pulp is a Virtual and Augmented Reality experience of shared visions from activists who are redefining our world. It is a communal speech that weaves together our fragmented future.

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