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    • Mohammad Ali Hashemzehi
    • Iran
    • 2011
    • 25 min
    • Panorama

      In the scorching desert of Balochistan, where only the wind drowns out the sluggish roaring of the dromedaries, shepherd Kannar contemplates his love-hate relationship with his favorite dromedary. 

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      Bear 71 VR

      • Canada
      • 2016
      • DocLab: Elastic Reality, DocLab Program

        A seminal piece in the history of interactive documentary, reimagined and re-released as a VR piece for the 10-year anniversary of IDFA DocLab.

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        Bistro in Vitro

        • Koert van Mensvoort
        • Netherlands
        • 2015
        • DocLab: Seamless Reality, DocLab Program

          Blurring the boundaries between born and made, the futuristic menu of this fictional restaurant includes knitted steak and 3D-printed marrow eggs.

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          The Chinese Mayor

          • Hao Zhou
          • China
          • 2015
          • 87 min
          • Best of Fests, Benjamin Barber: Jihad vs. McWorld 2015

            The mayor of the Chinese city of Datong embarks on an immense demolition and building project to transform his city into a tourist attraction.

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            • Xavier Marrades
            • Spain
            • 2016
            • 17 min
            • Panorama

              An atmospheric short film about a lonely truck driver who finds a new life companion in the form of a white dove.

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              Deep Down Tidal

              • Tabita Rezaire
              • South Africa
              • 2017
              • 21 min
              • IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling, DocLab: Uncharted Rituals, DocLab Program

                Internet isn’t in the air, but rather in 880,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables on the ocean floor that trace old communication routes.

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                • Yung Chang
                • Canada, United States
                • 2016
                • 39 min
                • Panorama

                  Langs de rotskust van Tojinbo loopt oud-politierechercheur Yukio Shige zijn patrouilles om potentiële ‘springers’ te weerhouden van een wanhoopsdaad.

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                  The Great Animal Orchestra

                  • Thomas Deyriès
                  • France
                  • 2016
                  • IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling, DocLab: Elastic Reality, DocLab Program

                    Imagine you are the conductor of an animal orchestra in this interactive and incredibly detailed natural soundscape, compiled by artist and nature recordist Bernie Krause.

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                    Greenland Melting

                    • Catherine Upin, Julia Cort, Nonny de la Peña, Raney Aronson-Rath
                    • United States
                    • 2017
                    • 12 min
                    • IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction, DocLab: Uncharted Rituals, DocLab Program

                      Let two NASA scientists show you around Greenland. Why have the glaciers been melting so fast over the past 15 years? On-site reservation required.

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                      • Jessica Beshir
                      • Ethiopia, United States, Mexico
                      • 2017
                      • 7 min
                      • IDFA Competition for Short Documentary

                        An enchanting cinematic poem about the symbiotic relationship between an Ethiopian man and a pack of hyenas.

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