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    Abo Zabaal prison 1989

    • Bassam Mortada
    • Egypt, Germany
    • 80 min

      Bassam, a filmmaker, reaches out to his estranged father. He reconstructs traumatic memories of events in 1989, which were devastating for his father and had a huge impact on him and his mother. Can an artistic recreation of the past help them confront their traumas?

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      • Alex Pitstra
      • Netherlands

        In Aeolus, we follow the crew members of the eponymous installation vessel, from the bottom to the top of the ship’s hierarchy, as they construct one windmill in a new wind farm at sea. The aim: to propel humankind forward.

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        • Shaunak Sen
        • India
        • 75 min

          The story of Delhi’s apocalyptic air is told through an unlikely figure—the black kite, and its human entanglements.

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          Apolonia, Apolonia

          • Lea Glob
          • Denmark, Poland, France

            Apolonia, Apolonia a not so classical portrait of a painter.

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            As I Want

            • Samaher Alqadi
            • Egypt, Palestine

              Motivated by the public rape of her best friend in the streets of Cairo, the Director uses her camera as her weapon against sexual harassment and embarks on a journey of self-awakening as she confronts her own haunting past.

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              • Alyx Ayn Arumpac
              • Philippines, France, Norway, Qatar, Germany
              • 85 min
              • IDFA Competition for First Appearance

                Since President Duterte took office, the Philippine police have killed tens of thousands of drug addicts. The experiences of a journalist, a coroner, a missionary brother and a street kid show the despair and fear caused by lawless violence.

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                As-Sitr (Het bedekken van de zonden)

                • Almicheal Fraay
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                  Baby Jackfruit Baby Guava

                  • Quang Nong
                  • Vietnam
                  • 90 min

                    When an unplanned baby enters the lives of a conservative mother, mentally ill daughter, and detached gay son, the dysfunctional trio travels back in time through their diaries to mend ruptured bonds, rewrite memories, and prepare for a new cycle of motherhood.

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                    Between Two Wars

                    • Alina Gorlova
                    • Ukraine, Latvia

                      The story of one big Kurdish family from Syria, spread over the world because of war, shown through the perspective of a young son. Living in Ukraine, Iraq, and Germany, they try to find their place and save the connection with each other, fighting the huge black and white war machine each their own way.

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                      Bullet Catcher

                      • Ruslan Batytskyi, Lesya Kalynska
                      • Ukraine, United States, Norway

                        Svitlana and Pavlo fall in love during the Ukrainian Revolution in 2013. But they soon find themselves thrust into a much darker conflict: Russia’s military invasion.

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