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    Abo Zabaal prison 1989

    • Bassam Mortada
    • Egypt, Germany
    • 80 min

      Bassam, a filmmaker, reaches out to his estranged father. He reconstructs traumatic memories of events in 1989, which were devastating for his father and had a huge impact on him and his mother. Can an artistic recreation of the past help them confront their traumas?

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      • Alex Pitstra
      • Netherlands

        In Aeolus, we follow the crew members of the eponymous installation vessel, from the bottom to the top of the ship’s hierarchy, as they construct one windmill in a new wind farm at sea. The aim: to propel humankind forward.

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        Baby Jackfruit Baby Guava

        • Quang Nong
        • Vietnam
        • 90 min

          When an unplanned baby enters the lives of a conservative mother, mentally ill daughter, and detached gay son, the dysfunctional trio travels back in time through their diaries to mend ruptured bonds, rewrite memories, and prepare for a new cycle of motherhood.

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          The Castle

          • Martin Benchimol
          • Argentina

            Domestic worker Justina (60) inherits a huge manor in the country from her lifelong employer, under the promise of never selling it. This dream-like inheritance turns into a nightmare when Justina decides to move in with her daughter Alexia and tries to keep up the house without money.

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            Concrete Land

            • Asmahan Bkerat
            • Jordan, Canada, United Arab Emirates
            • 80 min

              Concrete Land is an intimate look at the lives of a nomadic Bedouin family in their struggle to hold on to traditional life under the pressures of urbanization. Their only wish as a family is to stay together with their loyal yet eccentric pet sheep Badrya firmly by their side.

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              Do You Love Me

              • Lana Daher
              • Lebanon, Germany

                ‘Do You Love Me’, named after the Bendaly Family song (1978) is an archive-based documentary about the history of Lebanon and its generations from the civil war (1975) until today. The film tells the story of this society uniquely through the country’s musical and cinematic archives.

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                The Elf's Tower

                • Polina Kelm
                • Poland, Ukraine

                  A theatre in a mental hospital brings patients to life again.

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                  The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine

                  • Alfredo Pourailly
                  • Chile
                  • 120 min

                    Toto, the last gold digger in Tierra del Fuego, is now in his sixties. His body has been severely damaged by his work and he feels close to death, but stopping is not an option because he is not qualified for social security. His cowboy son Jorge designs a machine that should bring them a better future.

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                    • Lucy Parker
                    • United Kingdom

                      Inquiry follows the journey of a present day Public Inquiry into the alarming activities of an undercover policing unit which monitored the activities of political, environmental and family justice groups in the UK over a 40 year period.

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                      I, Poppy

                      • Vivek H Chaudhary
                      • India

                        I, Poppy is currently in production and is expected to be completed in 2022.

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