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    The Castle

    • Martin Benchimol
    • Argentina

    Domestic worker Justina (60) inherits a huge manor in the country from her lifelong employer, under the promise of never selling it. This dream-like inheritance turns into a nightmare when Justina decides to move in with her daughter Alexia and tries to keep up the house without money.

    Do You Love Me

    • Lana Daher
    • Lebanon, Germany

    ‘Do You Love Me’, named after the Bendaly Family song (1978) is an archive-based documentary about the history of Lebanon and its generations from the civil war (1975) until today. The film tells the story of this society uniquely through the country’s musical and cinematic archives.

    The Elf's Tower

    • Polina Kelm
    • Poland, Ukraine

    A theatre in a mental hospital brings patients to life again.

    I, Poppy

    • Vivek H Chaudhary
    • India

    The logline for I, Poppy is not publicly available due to the sensitivity of the project.

    Last Days at Sea

    • Venice C. Atienza
    • Philippines

    An adolescent boy and an adult woman recognise in each other something that unites them. As they share the boy’s last moments by the sea before he leaves home to study in the city, they record the things they wish to remember, before the precious moments of childhood become only memories.

    Me, My Father and Bourguiba

    • Fatma Riahi
    • Tunisia

    Since my chilhood I have tried to understand who my father was, and who Bourguiba was. Every transformation and development I have lived through has been a result of my existence in a conflict I did not choose.

    The New Greatness

    • Anna Shishova-Bogolubova
    • Russia

    In today’s Russia the young, the free-thinking, and the honest are seen as a threat by the autocratic Putin’s regime. It does everything to crush them.

    The Other Side of the River

    • Antonia Kilian
    • Germany, Finland

    Both Antonia, a filmmaker from Germany, and Hala, a police woman in north-eastern Syria, dream about a free society where women's empowerment plays a significant role. But what is dream and what is reality in times of revolution and war?

    Regarding Memory and Neglect

    • Ricardo Martensen
    • Brazil

    What’s left of us after we die? Our bones? Our memories? How long do these traces of existence remain on Earth? By presenting three different stories in São Paulo, this film questions our memories. The narratives and characters force us to face issues that Brazil, in 2020, insists on forgetting.


    • Meena Nanji, Zippy Kimundu
    • Kenya

    A Kenyan woman's search for her father's remains becomes an investigation into British colonial atrocities including concentration camps and land theft. Her personal mission expands and she transforms into a powerful advocate, exposing colonial secrets and championing land return for those dispossessed.

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