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    Cause of Death

    • Jyoti Mistry
    • Austria, South Africa
    • 2020
    • 20 min
    • Paradocs

      A timeless and universal phenomenon: violence against women. This rhythmic montage of women’s bodies from archive footage and animation accompanied by a spoken lament produces an experience that is almost hypnotic.

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      • Hubert Sauper
      • Austria, France
      • 2020
      • 109 min
      • Masters

        A kaleidoscopic portrait of Cuba: The former epicenter of the New World has been ravaged by repeated invasions and struggled under the yoke of dictators. Now, it’s being overrun again—this time by tourists.

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        Love, It Was Not

        • Maya Sarfaty
        • Israel, Austria
        • 2020
        • 83 min
        • Luminous

          A reconstruction of the extraordinary history of a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz and the SS officer who fell in love with her. Interviews, diary excerpts, and archive footage tell the story from multiple perspectives.

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          Notes from the Underworld

          • Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
          • Austria
          • 2020
          • 116 min
          • Best of Fests

            What starts as a portrait of the popular Austrian singer Kurt Girk develops into a unique and powerful document of an era: the Austrian underworld in the 1960s. Packed with tall tales, bad cops and bittersweet songs.

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            Once Upon a Time in Venezuela

            • Anabel Rodríguez
            • Venezuela, United Kingdom, Austria, Brazil
            • 2020
            • 99 min
            • Best of Fests

              A Venezuelan fishing community on Lake Maracaibo struggles with the decline brought about by oil pollution, political division, and neglect—a situation that reflects the deplorable state of the country as a whole.

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              Please Hold the Line

              • Pavel Cuzuioc
              • Austria
              • 2020
              • 86 min
              • Best of Fests

                A beautifully filmed allegory about communication and connection, told from the perspective of telecom engineers and their customers. Modern means of communication offer a window on the world, but also reveal what people are missing.

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