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    Amsterdam Global Village

    • Johan van der Keuken
    • Netherlands
    • 1996
    • 240 min
    • Focus: unConscious Bias

      Director Johan van der Keuken uses countless storylines and multiple detours to paint an epic portrait of multicultural Amsterdam in the 1990s. His documentary realism avoids romanticism as well as the toxicity of the later public debates on immigration.

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      Chelas nha Kau

      • Bataclan 1950, Bagabaga Studios
      • Portugal
      • 2020
      • 57 min
      • Focus: unConscious Bias

        The Portuguese rappers Bataclan 1950 use film and music to focus on racism and solidarity. Much of the time it’s the young music makers themselves behind the camera, making an honest portrait of life in the Chelas neighborhood in Lisbon.

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        The Empty Center

        • Hito Steyerl
        • Germany
        • 1998
        • 62 min
        • Focus: unConscious Bias

          For her 1998 graduation film, Steyerl turned her perceptive gaze to the history of central Berlin. After the fall of the Wall, this former no man’s land became Europe’s biggest construction site, a place where new, invisible walls were built.

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          France Is Our Mother Country

          • Rithy Panh
          • France
          • 2014
          • 75 min
          • Focus: unConscious Bias

            Rithy Panh (director of the Oscar-nominated The Missing Picture) re-edited silent propaganda films on France’s “purely fraternal intentions” towards Indochina into a disturbing alternative history of colonization.

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            Geographies of Freedom

            • Miguel Luis Peres Antunes dos Santos
            • Curaçao, Netherlands
            • 2019
            • 47 min
            • Focus: unConscious Bias

              A compilation of archival footage and images of the present-day landscape on Curaçao lays bare the painful historical relationship between the oil refineries of Dutch multinational Shell and the inhabitants of the Netherlands Antilles.

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              Half a Light-Year

              • Leonardo Mouramateus
              • Portugal, Brazil
              • 2021
              • 19 min
              • Focus: unConscious Bias

                In this observational film about time and space, director Leonardo Mouramateus explores the boundary between fiction and documentary. How do shots of a street in Lisbon converge with a dialogue between two lovers?

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                Handsworth Songs

                • John Akomfrah
                • United Kingdom
                • 1986
                • 59 min
                • Top 10, Focus: unConscious Bias

                  This hard-hitting, critical and poetic film essay places the UK race riots of the 1980s into a broader perspective, exploring the optimism and dashed hopes of Black immigrants.

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                  In the Billowing Night

                  • Erika Etangsalé
                  • Réunion, France
                  • 2021
                  • 51 min
                  • Paradocs, Focus: unConscious Bias

                    Myth and memory intertwine as the father of director Erika Etangsalé tells his story for the first time. His account is deeply marked by France’s colonial past and the dislocation it caused.

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                    Indonesia Calling

                    • Joris Ivens
                    • Australia
                    • 1946
                    • 23 min
                    • Focus: unConscious Bias

                      A pamphlet-style film on the dock strikes that broke out in Australia in solidarity with the Indonesian Republic, following the Dutch decision to send troops and weapons to Indonesia in 1945.

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                      Lumumba: Death of a Prophet

                      • Raoul Peck
                      • France, Germany, Switzerland
                      • 1990
                      • 69 min
                      • Focus: The Future Tense, Focus: unConscious Bias

                        A groundbreaking, personal analysis of the way politicians and the Western media manipulated the public image of Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, who was murdered in 1961.

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