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    Online IDFA-documentaries, handpicked for you. Sets of films based on topical issues, or picked by a guest curator with a special view. You can watch them for free or for a small fee.


    Schoolvoorstellingen VO IDFA 2015

    • set 7 documentaries

    De geselecteerde schoolvoorstellingen van IDFA 2015 voor het voortgezet onderwijs lieten een grote indruk achter op de leerlingen die het festival bezochten. Ze staan nu allemaal in deze set op Docschool Online.

    Behind the camera

    • set 5 documentaries

    As a rule, you don't see a cinematographer. Yet they determine the feel and look of a film. That's why IDFA honors them this year with a special program Camera in Focus. It features ten extraordinary cinematographic docs and q's with their cinematographers. Here, online, five documentaries in which the camera plays a starring role, like Camera/Woman

    Joumana El Zein Khoury

    • set 4 documentaries

    Joumana El Zein Khoury is one of the new board members at IDFA. As a guest curator she composed a set from our online collection, with, among others, Return to Homs.

    Nick Broomfield

    • set 5 documentaries

    Nick Broomfields new documentary on Whitney Houston releases this week in Dutch cinema’s. We’ve selected five ‘oldies’ for you to watch online, by this established, honored and controversial filmmaker, like Fetishes: Mistresses and Domination at Pandora's Box.

    A set by guest curator Christine Otten

    • set 5 documentaries

    Writer Christine Otten (1961) will interview  director Raoul Peck after the screening of his documentary I Am Not Your Negro on May 2. The author, known for her social commitment, last year published her book We had Love, We Had Weapons, on civil rights activist Robert F. Williams. Otten picked five IDFA-docs on civil rights movements and racism, which can be watched online.

    Traces of Danniel Danniel

    • set 5 documentaries

    Danniel Danniel died on May 4th. The editor, director and screenwriter, born in Israel in 1950, will live on in his films and memories of the people he worked with and inspired. This set contains five documentaries of Danniel as a maker, editor and inspirator.  

    Of man and beast

    • set 5 documentaries

    The awarded The Eagle Huntress - premiering at last IDFA - is playing at the film theatres from June 15th. At we picked five documentaries on the special relationship between man and beast, among which Holy Cow. 


    • set 18 documentaries

    Om het sportgevoel onder leerlingen aan te wakkeren selecteerden we op Docschool Online zeventien aan sport gerelateerde documentaires.

    Schoolvoorstellingen PO IDFA 2015

    • set 5 documentaries

    De schoolvoorstellingen van 2015 bevatte fantastische titels die wij uiteraard ook met Docschool Online docenten willen delen.


    • set 3 documentaries

    Hoe moeten kinderen nepnieuws van echt nieuws onderscheiden als zelfs volwassenen dat niet kunnen? Dat staat centraal in deze set waarin wij de 3 films van de Media in Beeld box hebben verzameld.