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    Online IDFA-documentaries, handpicked for you. Sets of films based on topical issues, or picked by a guest curator with a special view. You can watch them for free or for a small fee.



    • set 18 documentaries

    Om het sportgevoel onder leerlingen aan te wakkeren selecteerden we op Docschool Online zeventien aan sport gerelateerde documentaires.

    Webdocumentaries: personal and urgent

    Today, IDFAcademy is hosting a workshop for emerging filmmakers interested in making a short web documentary. Filmmaker and producer Jos de Putter will, together with director Reber Dosky and Annabelle Stieren, discuss proposals entered by the attendees. For this set, we picked four films which were pitched last year.

    Video clips that matter

    Documentairevideoclips? Documentairevideoclips! For the second year in a row, music journalist Job de Wit presents - this year with artist Lucky Fonz - these short films at IDFA. The program takes place during the IDFA Weekender under the name Fullscreen. To get a feel for the genre, a short explanation by Job de Wit and last year's selection. 

    Monday, Fashion Day

    • set 3 documentaries

    The Met Gala, organised by the American Vogue en the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, is the highlight of the year in the fashion world. And it was the subject of the documentary The First Monday in May, which was screened last IDFA at a glamorous event. On this first Monday in May, you can watch online three films on the gravity and glamour in the fashion world. 

    It's art, it's film, it's Paradocs!

    • set 5 documentaries

    Every year the Paradocs-program is loaded with films which transcend the boundaries of documentary. Untroubled they play with form and content, freely they roam between art and handcrafted film. The new harvest contains, among others, Blue Orchids by Johan Grimonprez, regular supplier of IDFA and maker of Double Take, one of the five Paradocs in this online set. 

    Amsterdam, lieve stad

    • set 5 documentaries

    A sweet city. That's how the recently passed mayor Eberhard van der Laan called his Amsterdam. In his goodbye letter, he wished for all citizens to keep taking care of each other and the capital. We selected five films from our online collection, which draw an unconventional picture of his beloved Amsterdam and its inhabitants: sweet, wild, football-minded, artistic and contemplative.

    Thirty years of IDFA

    • set 5 documentaries

    It's IDFA's thirtieth anniversary and a very special one because founder and director Ally Derks is leaving. It won't pass unnoticed: eighteen renowned directors will honor the festival, its founder, and the documentary genre by choosing their favorite film. You can now watch five IDFA-documentaries made by five of these filmmakers online.

    Class of 2017

    • set 3 documentaries

    Sixteen film projects are selected for the IDFAcademy Summer School 2017. Some of the directors attended IDFA before - either as a crewmember or maker of a documentary. Three of those are now available online, for free. 

    Welcome to summer camp!

    • set 5 documentaries

    For countless kids, summer isn’t really summer without a summer camp. These five films are about special kinds of summer camps, like a Jesus camp or a military youth camp in Russia. And the political youth camp on Utøya, which six years ago ended in a massacre.

    Schoolvoorstellingen IDFA 2017: primair onderwijs

    • set 4 documentaries

    Duizenden leerlingen bezochten tijdens de schoolvoorstellingen van IDFA 2017 het theater om te kunnen genieten van een selectie bijzondere jeugddocumentaires. Deze selectie is nu voor alle leerlingen in Nederland gratis in de klas te bekijken via Docschool Online.