Beyond The Fold

    • Ross McClean
    • United Kingdom, United States
    idfacademy_01 IDFAcademy


    Ryan spends his last season as an inmate caring for a flock of sheep inside a Northern Irish prison’s walls. Upon release, he is thrust back into a precarious political environment as he ventures to raise his own flock, putting faith in the only occupation he has known to bring him solace.

    Project information

    Selected for
    IDFAcademy 2022
    Countries of production
    United Kingdom, United States
    IDFA Project Space: Development & Production
    Estimated length
    80 min


    Ross McClean
    Bronte Stahl for Here & Elsewhere Films, Ross McClean for Nightstaff Ltd. (UK) + mare/sciallo films (US)
    Participant 1
    Ross McClean
    Participant 2
    Bronte Stahl

    About IDFAcademy


    IDFAcademy offers training programs and workshops for emerging filmmaking talents from all over the world.

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