Concrete Land

    • Asmahan Bkerat
    • Jordan, Canada, United Arab Emirates
    idfacademy_01 IDFAcademy


    Concrete Land is an intimate look at the lives of a nomadic Bedouin family in their struggle to hold on to traditional life under the pressures of urbanization. Their only wish as a family is to stay together with their loyal yet eccentric pet sheep Badrya firmly by their side.

    Project information

    Selected for
    IDFAcademy 2021
    Countries of production
    Jordan, Canada, United Arab Emirates
    IDFA Project Space
    Estimated length
    80 min


    Asmahan Bkerat
    Sahar Yousefi for Nava Projects , Asmahan Bkerat
    Participant 1
    Asmahan Bkerat

    About IDFAcademy


    IDFAcademy offers training programs and workshops for emerging filmmaking talents from all over the world.

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