How to Steal a Country

  • Rehad Desai
  • South Africa
  • 2019
  • 87 min
  • World Premiere
  • Frontlight
A group of investigative journalists discover corruption involving the President of South Africa and his friends, the Guptas. Up against powerful elites, a pernicious disinformation campaign is mounted against the integrity of the newsroom. Then one day, two young men working in an IT company find the evidence that lays bare the entire modus operandi behind the capture of the South African state by private individuals and the politicians in their pockets.

This film will only be available in Docs for Sale on November 25, after its World Premiere.


Mark Kaplan, Rehad Desai
Rehad Desai for Uhuru Pictures, Zivia Desai Keiper for Curveball Productions Pty Ltd, Anita Khanna
Involved TV Channel


World Sales
Heino Deckert for Deckert Distribution GmbH
Festival Handling
Hanne Biermann for Deckert Distribution GmbH

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Available versions
58' + 84', DCP

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