Earth Sutra

    • Jordi Carot
    • Spain, Nepal, India, United States
    • 52 min
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    What do you know of Tibet? 'Earth Sutra' is a documentary film that will change your vision of Tibet that has been controlled for 55 years by the Chinese oppression. Dare to reflect your relationship with the Earth, as well as your relationship with other human beings through Earth Sutra, a portrait of the survival in exile of the Tibetan people and about how their ancient culture can positively influence other parts of our planet in the face of the challenges and crises that are occurring in the 21st century.


    Jordi Carot
    Antonio Cadierno Parodi for AntropodDocs & Films
    Fons Catalá de Producció


    World Sales
    Antonio Cadierno Parodi for AntropodDocs & Films
    Festival Handling
    Janina Ruth for A.Docs Intl. Distribution

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