Mensch Horst

    • Mo Rhozyel
    • Germany
    • 44 min
    • World Premiere
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    Mensch Horst is an intimate portrait of Horst Baitz and his struggle of being alone. Horst is a long-term unemployed living on the outskirts of an eastern German city. To foreigners, the district appears grey and dreary, but to Horst it is home. Every day, he passionately takes care of his one-room apartment. The documentary shows how Horst is suffering physically from chronic diseases and psychologically from painful losses. Despite being against the odds and facing many challenges, Horst does not lose his sense of humour and remains positive. He teaches us to enjoy life’s daily pleasures and keeps pushing for his big dream: to find a partner for life.


    Mo Rhozyel
    Christoph Philipp Gehl
    Mo Rhozyel for Filmkollektiv Unterholz, Christoph Philipp Gehl for Filmkollektiv Unterholz
    Vincent Öz, Sven Bratschke, Julia Waldschmitt


    World Sales
    Mo Rhozyel for Filmkollektiv Unterholz
    Festival Handling
    Mo Rhozyel for Filmkollektiv Unterholz

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