Do You Love Me (working title)

    • Lana Daher
    • Lebanon, Germany
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    Do You Love Me (working title) is Lana Daher’s personal journey through the fractured historical, social, cultural, and political landscapes of Beirut, Lebanon. By utilizing the country’s musical, cinematic, photographic, and journalistic archives, the film collages together the story of Lebanon's chaotic past, troubled present and hopes for its uncertain future.

    Project information

    Selected for
    IDFA Forum 2021
    Countries of production
    Lebanon, Germany
    Production status
    In production


    Created by
    Lana Daher
    Lana Daher
    Lana Daher, Jasper Mielke for Wood Water Films
    Lana Daher
    Sundance Film Institute, Doha Film Institute, Robert Bosch Stiftung, IDFA Bertha Fund

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