Song of Summer and Winter

    • Talal Derki
    • Denmark, Germany
    forum_01 IDFA Forum


    In Syria, the poverty and hunger have taken over. In the meantime, a group of young actresses are trying to save what is left of their dignity, by standing against blackmail and refusing to be sexually exploited in a corrupted media scene where man has the upper hand.

    Project information

    Selected for
    IDFA Forum 2020
    Countries of production
    Denmark, Germany
    Countries of co-production
    United States
    Production status
    Start production


    Talal Derki
    Sigrid Dyekjaer for Siggi Production , Heba Khaled for Jouzour Film Production UG
    Beth Earl for Rustic Canyon Pictures
    Anne Fabini
    Jenny Raskins for Impact Partners, Megan Gelstein for Catapult Film Fund, Rasmus Steen for International Media Support

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