D is for Division

    • Davis Simanis
    • Latvia, Czech Republic
    • 89 min
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    A Latvian woman, Hermine Purina, is shown on an archival photograph, the first victim of the Soviet invasion of Latvia in 1940 trying to save her son, Voldemärs, with her body. It becomes an inspiration for contemplating over film´s boundaries - geographical as well as metaphorical ones. Russians and Latvians sense the import of historical realities in a completely different way. One side associates it with liberation, for the other side it means the loss of freedom. A well-known Latvian author, Davis Simanis, produces an explosive testament about the tension on EU´s eastern borders.


    Davis Simanis
    Guntis Trekteris for Ego Media, Radim Prochazka for Produkce Radim Prochazka


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    Guntis Trekteris for Ego Media
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    Guntis Trekteris for Ego Media

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